Commercial Fridges

Your Complete Guide to Commercial Fridges

Are you planning to buy a refrigerator for your commercial kitchen, but you don’t know where to start? With the different models being manufactured every year, choosing one can be tricky. Furthermore, you need to understand how they work before buying one.

Investing in a fridge is vital for any catering service that wants to keep food cool and safe. Modern commercial fridges come with deep cleaning systems for easy cleaning. They also enhance food quality and reduce wastage every time you store food items in them.

Commercial refrigerators are designed to cope with hot conditions in kitchens. They can also keep your food items cool even when you keep opening the doors. You risk overstuffing the fridge with food items if you choose the wrong size.

Commercial refrigerators vary with energy efficiency ratings, chilling mechanism, compartments, and configurations. We’ll walk you through every aspect that will help you choose a fridge for your commercial kitchen needs:

How Commercial Refrigeration Works

Commercial fridges come with a compressor that is regulated by a thermostat to cool food. The compressor condenses the refrigerant inside to draw heat from it. As the refrigerant evaporates, it cools food items stored inside, thus preventing them from going bad.

Refrigerants help keep food cool and safe in commercial refrigerators. The refrigeration system uses a circuit that works with a vapour compressor to dry or cool the air. This circuit makes the fridge have a higher cooling power when compared to a commercial fridge for the home.

A commercial-grade fridge with an energy rating is more efficient in saving energy than the standard models. They come with condenser fan motors and anti-sweat heaters that lower electricity consumption.

Common Types of Commercial Fridges

You’ll find commercial refrigeration systems in different sizes, shapes and uses when shopping for them. Assess your refrigeration needs before investing in one to improve food quality.

Walk-in fridges work well in commercial kitchens with a lot of frozen or fresh stock. They can improve your kitchen’s organization and efficiency when installed in the receiving area.

Reach-in fridges are one of the standard fridge designs you’ll find. They are designed to sit on the floor in an upright position for quick access.

You can fit an under-counter fridge underneath your kitchen counters for quick access. Use it to store ingredients to save time when preparing dishes.

Roll-in fridges allow your kitchen staff to wheel in racks containing food pans to store perishable items. You can install them at the prep area for catered events or buffets.

Since they are accessible from both sides, pass-through fridges improve efficiency in the kitchen. They are ideal for commercial kitchens with high food volume needs.

Main Features to Consider When Buying One

Commercial refrigeration systems differ in capacity, size, climate class and efficiency. Factors like ice accumulation, door design, security and power rating also differentiate them.

Invest in one with adequate space to cater for your food storage needs. The fridge should also fit in your kitchen without limiting movements to improve efficiency. Remember to check its energy efficiency rating to determine whether you’ll incur high energy bills.

Commercial refrigerators come in different climate classes, which represent temperature ranges. Buy a fridge with a climate class that matches your kitchen’s temperatures.

Check whether the fridge has a built-in defrost system to reduce ice accumulation. It should have locks to secure your precious stock.

You may get one with self-closing doors to save time and energy. Stable door ones may also work if you want to maintain the refrigeration temperatures. Either way, ensure that the power ratings of the appliance are in line with your building’s electricity consumption limits.

Assessing Your Need for a Commercial Refrigerator

Know the types of food you’ll be keeping inside the fridge before buying it. You should also determine the food sizes and refrigeration requirements to get the most out of the appliance.

A worktop fridge will be ideal if you have a sandwich table or a salad bar at your facility. Look at your beer storage options if you deal with beers and alcoholic drinks. A direct draw system would suit kegs, while a bar cooler would hold cans and bottles.

Figure out where and how you’ll install the commercial fridge freezer in your establishment. The space should have adequate ventilation and extra clearance to allow air circulation in the fridge. Install the appliance in an area with optimal ambient temperature to prevent breakdowns.

Understanding Commercial Warranties

All commercial refrigeration systems come with a commercial warranty of up to five years. The manufacturer may also allow you to buy more warranties. Note that the warranty options and level of cover vary with the manufacture and equipment design.

A parts-onlyparts-only warranty will only cover the replacement costs of any mechanical parts. You’ll incur labour costs when the parts are being repaired or replaced. A parts and labour warranty offers a full cover on the repair/replacement and labour costs.

Commercial warranties only cover defects caused by a manufacturer fault for a stated period. They don’t include perishable items like hinges, handles, seals and blinds that are prone to wear and tear.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

With proper maintenance, your commercial fridge freezer combo will last up to 10 years. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help cut down repair costs and reduce downtime.

Your staff can maintain the fridge by cleaning the condenser coil and cleaning the fan blades. They should also remove any airflow blockages and wash the door gaskets.

Conduct regular quality checks on parts like gaskets, thermostats and bulbs. You should also replace any damaged or worn out parts of the fridge for proper functioning.

Order a Commercial Fridge Online Today

Storing raw ingredients, food items and beverages at a commercial scale can be made easy with commercial fridges. These appliances can withstand the needs of a busy business or kitchen and guarantee food safety. They are also sturdier when compared to residential fridges.

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