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Buy food warming carts from Snowmaster. Store food at the proper serving temperature with our range of food holding and warming equipment. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. Shop online and save.

Snowmaster brings you top grade food warming carts sourced from FED and anvil. Right from steam tables to soup wells, heat lamps to drawer warmers, find the perfect food warming equipment you need for your catering, buffet, or other food service business. Whether you need food warming equipment for cooked food or a refrigerated unit for storing perishable products, you’ll find the best piece of equipment only at Snowmaster. Maintain the temperature of food with our food warming unit which comes with manual temperature control. Holding and proofing cabinets also keep prepared food and ingredients warm and organized and out of the way. Easily slide sheet trays into a holding and proofing cabinet for simple and food safe storage. Keep food warm before serving at your hospital, or hotel with holding and proofing cabinets. Food holding and proofing cabinets available at Snowmaster are made of high-quality materials to last longer.