Snowmaster offers the largest range of commercial fridges for sale in Sydney and throughout Australia. Discover top brands of industrial fridges from the leading retailer. We provide financing, leasing, and rental options for all our commercial fridge units, with shipping available to major capital cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Newcastle.

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Commercial Fridges to suit your restaurant & cafe

Snowmaster has many commercial fridges to suit your commercial storage needs. We supply fridges for shops, restaurants, supermarkets, catering outlets, clubs, pubs, hospitals, correctional centres, and aged care facilities all over Australia—Trust Snowmaster supplies a reliable industrial fridge to keep your food fresh and safe.

Commercial fridges for sale

Looking for a commercial fridge that will help keep your kitchen running smoothly? It would help if you had a reputable commercial fridge that can handle the demands of your busy kitchen. At Snowmaster, we offer a wide range of fridges, from under-bench and upright fridges to display and drink fridges. With our quality refrigeration solutions, extended warranties, and fast Australia-wide delivery, we’re your one-stop shop for all your refrigeration needs. Choose from a large selection of commercial fridges, including compact fridges, bar fridges, pizza prep stations, cake showcases, and more. Shop with us today and discover how we can help increase efficiency in your kitchen.

We invite you to visit our online showroom and browse across our wide range of:

  • Cake Display Fridges — over 63 models of benchtop and standalone cake displays to choose from, available in curve or square glass. Our models include countertop and with widths 600mm up to 2400mm. We supply brands such as Anvil, Atosa, F.E.D and Skipio
  • Cold Food Displays — we have commercial salad bar fridges to keep your cold food fresh (and safe) while on display. Straight, curved and square glass and in widths of 700mm – 1500mm and 1600mm – 2400mm. Reputable brands – Roband and F.E.D
  • Commercial Bar Fridges — keep packaged beverages at the optimum chill in the bar. Back bar and glass door underbar models available with either 1, 2, 3 and 4 doors. World’s best brands: Bromic, Anvil, Skipio, F.E.D, Skope and Polar.
  • Commercial Drawer Fridges — save space, time, effort and energy with compact under bench drawer fridges. Available in a range of widths and drawer capacities and GN (gastronorm) sizing. Brands include Inomak, Skipio, Skope and Turbo Air.
  • Commercial Upright Fridges — stainless steel and glass door upright fridges available in capacities ranging from 218 liters to 944 liters. Select from 1, 2 and 3 door and from an extensive list of manufacturers including Atosa, Bromic, Inomak and F.E.D to name a few.
  • Commercial Wine Fridges — tastefully display your wines in your bottle shop or bar with one of the sleek models available. Enjoy features like the bottom mounted compressors and benefit from more efficient cooling. 2+2 years warranty available on selected models
  • Deli Display Fridges — high quality precision display fridges for your deli, butcher, supermarket or fine food store. Rear workbenches allow you to display your goods at the front and prepare food at the rear. Available in a range of sizes to perfectly showcase your food items safely
  • Open Display Fridges — display and allow your customers to self-serve sandwiches, drinks, fruit, and desserts. Ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores and service stations. Large range of models available including open fridge and multi deck display. We supply well-known brands such as Arneg, Bromic and Skope
  • Pizza Prep Fridges — keep your fresh ingredients cool and fresh in your busy and hot kitchen. Create an efficient workflow with the wide prep bench, chopping board, benchtop chill pans and underbench refrigerated shelving. Various models available including countertop sandwich prep, freestanding pizza fridges and glass top models
  • Sushi Display Fridges — beautifully display and increase the appeal of your sushi and sashimi with one of our stainless-steel sushi display fridges. Choose from angled or curved glass and with widths from 1199mm wide up to 1800mm wide. Brands include F.E.D, Hoshizaki and Sayl
  • Under Bench Fridges — Conveniently add refrigeration to your kitchen workspace or service counter. We have over 100 models to choose from in stainless steel or glassdoor. Our fridges models come available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 doors.
  • Vaccine Fridges — Store your critical vaccines and medications in one of our refined temperature-controlled vaccine fridges. Safety and reliability is key and this is evident in the design. Benefit from dual temperature, digital controls, cold zone buffer, double glazed safety glass and door alarms

Why do I need a commercial fridge?

Any business that sells perishable goods, such as food and beverages, requires a commercial fridge. A commercial fridge not only keeps items cool and fresh but also extends the shelf life of products. This is possible because commercial fridges maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. Moreover, commercial fridges are more significant than residential models, making them perfect for businesses with high-volume sales. If you plan to open a retail business or need to replace an old fridge, invest in a quality commercial fridge. To be successful in business, efficiency is critical, primarily if your business relies on volume rather than excessive margins. Knowing what you want your food service to accomplish without delays or unexpected bumps in the road ensures a productive day. In the food service industry, having a true sense of where you stand regarding stock levels and having a solution that enables you to assess what is required or possible quickly will save time, money, and face. A commercial fridge will keep your kitchen organized and help you track what’s in the kitchen and what more you need.

What should I look for in a commercial fridge?

When shopping for a commercial refrigerator, you should consider the size of the unit. Commercial refrigerators come in various sizes, from small under-counter models to large walk-in units. Your business needs will determine the size of the fridge you require. For example, a cafe may need a small under-counter fridge for quick coffee service. Another factor to consider is the type of commercial refrigerator. You can choose from several different types on the market, including freezers, glass door fridges, and reach-in units. Each class has advantages and disadvantages, so select the one that best suits your needs. For instance, cool rooms are ideal for storing large quantities of food. Glass door fridges offer excellent visibility for drinks and other grab-and-go products. Solid door storage fridges are versatile options that meet the refrigeration needs of most businesses.
Finally, consider the features offered by different commercial refrigerator models and brands. Some units have built-in shelving or racks, while others have additional doors or compartments. Choose a model that suits your business needs. Regarding shelving, commercial fridges typically have standard-size shelves, either Gastronorm (GN) or Patisserie (Bakery) tray size. Standardizing kitchen shelves can streamline operations and reduce overheads, especially food wastage. Remember that not only your commercial fridge uses those sizes, but also your oven, blast chiller, Bain Marie, and dishwasher. When selecting a commercial fridge, consider the food’s journey from raw ingredients to food prep, cooking, freezing, storing, and serving. If these activities can share the same GN pans or trays, much less washing up and food transferring is required!

How long will a commercial fridge last?

Proper maintenance can make a commercial fridge last for many years, even decades. Commercial fridges tend to experience more wear and tear than residential fridges, so taking care of them is crucial. To extend the lifespan of your commercial fridge, regularly clean the condenser coils, air filters, and door gaskets, and ensure that the door seals tightly. Following these simple steps can help your commercial fridge last for many years.

Should I buy Online?

At Snowmaster, you should seek no further when searching for a commercial fridge online. We offer low prices due to our low overheads and pass those savings on to you. Our helpful customer support team and unrivalled range of brands and models make us the ideal choice for exploring possibilities for your business and determining which exact model or product will deliver the desired results. Our brands include Anvil, Atosa, Blizzard Icemakers, F.E.D., Bromic, Italia Cool, Modular Systems, Polar, Roband, Skope, and Temperate Thermaster. Don’t hesitate to access the best brands at the lowest prices with Snowmaster, and we will ensure that you get what you want when you want it.

Choosing between Glass or Solid Doors?

Choosing a commercial fridge allows business owners to select the appropriate kitchen or hospitality space unit. However, the display model enables staff to see inside without opening the door. Choosing your products before you open the doors increases efficiency by reducing cold air loss, which safeguards the quality of the food for longer. Additionally, energy consumption is lower. Contrary to a common misconception, glass door fridges are not less thermally efficient than solid doors. The glass used is often double or triple-glazed, which keeps warmth out and the coldness in while allowing you to see inside without opening the door, ultimately saving on power bills.

Reliable and Trusted Brands of Commercial Fridges

We offer the most reliable and trusted commercial fridges Brands including Everlasting, Skipio, FED, Atosa, Bromic, Scotsman, Skope, Saltas, Anvil, Inomak, Polar, Musso, Glacian.

Expert Advice

There are many factors to consider when looking to a buy commercial fridge. This may include asking the question of what would suit better, 2 door commercial your fridge or 3 door commercial fridge? Please give us a call for advice – we have over 78 years of industry experience. We are here to help to make sure your fridge suits the needs of your venue and catering operations.

Flexible Finance 

Find out how our simple financing options could be a great option for you and your business. We’ve partnered with Silverchef, Australia’s best hospitality industry finance provider. Click here to Learn More about Silver Chefs rent try buy.

Shipping Australia wide

We work with Australia’s leading freight companies to enable us to deliver your commercial fridge to you. We can ship your industrial fridge to you in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all across Australia.

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