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Are you looking for a commercial Open Display Fridge for your supermarket, convenience store, or service station? At Snowmaster, we have a wide range of open display refrigeration units including open fridge and multideck display available for sale. We proudly supply top brands like Arneg, Bromic, and Skope. We are ready to ship to you across Australia.

What are Open Display Fridges?

Open display fridges are refrigerated units with open fronts. Customers can easily reach the items and move to the checkout. They are perfect for attracting potential customers and maximizing impulsive purchases such as drinks as items are easily accessible.

The open fridge for shops is ideal for many types of businesses. Supermarkets, bakeries, convenience stores, takeaways, and coffee shops can all benefit from one of these units. It keeps food items like fruit, dairy snacks, desserts, cakes, milk, and more at safe temperatures.

Open Front Fridges For Sale

We have a wide selection of open-front refrigerators for sale. These include semi vertical, multi-deck, and open-deck reach-in display models.

The open cabinet units come in various sizes, making them ideal for multiple different venues. These include cafés, FMCG’s and food outlets. They are available in black, white, and grey, to match your décor.

The Iarp Joy Semi Vertical Deck Display Fridge is designed for smaller spaces. It is only 630mm wide and has a small footprint. It features adjustable shelving, electronic temperature control, auto defrost, and LED lighting. The unit is conveniently equipped with castor wheels making it easy to move around to its perfect location, view more Iarp units.

If you are in the market for a front open fridge with deck reach-in display, consider the Skope OD1100N. This updated model allows customers to easily see and access food or drinks with its high impact lighting and glass sides, see the Skope range.

This unit is equipped with ChillguardTM technology and natural refrigerant technology. Its leading airflow engineering ensures that products are always kept chilled at food safe temperatures. It offers hassle-free temperature control and a night blind, which can be used when not in use. Additionally, it has the option of gravity feed shelving.

The Bonnet Neve Onwave 3 Eco is a powerful unit featuring accurate temperature control, perfect for delicate produce. Prevents stock wastage with an invisible curtain, night blind and built in shelving. Designed to showcases your goods and branding a display box and a temperature range of 0 to +10 degrees Celsius, Browse the Bonnet Neve range.

How to choose an open deck fridge

When purchasing an open deck refrigerator, the key factor to consider is size. The size should be appropriate for the merchandise you are displaying. This enables your customers to easily access and purchase the products. Getting the size right is critical, as an overloaded unit can result food to spoilage.

Important factors to consider when purchasing an open deck fridge:

  • Power consumption: how much will it cost to run your open deck fridge each month? Does this product include a night curtain to help with energy conservation?
  • Shelving: what is the maximum load capacity for each shelf? Does the unit have adjustable shelves?
  • Cleaning: how are liquids drained/removed? Does the unit auto-defrost?
  • Display: does the unit have LED lighting? Will condensation create a poor display?
  • Temperature: what is the temperature range of the unit? Does it have user friendly digital temperature controls?

If you need more information or are not quite sure of what you need, please give us a call. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have on open fridges. We have been serving the industry since 1945 and have over 78 years of experience ready to share with you.

How to look after your open display fridge?

Extend the life span of your open fridge unit by:

  • Ensuring the condenser is cleaned frequently as per the instructions
  • Not plugging the unit into multi-plug power boards with other appliances
  • Increasing room ventilation or utilizing air conditioning to reduce humidity, maximizing the units performance

Please also take into account that:

  • In some instances, condensation can build up and possibly drip on the floor
  • Freezers and refrigerators can condensate in a high humidity environment
  • Condensation can form on the cabinet’s exterior, interior, doors frames and glass

We recommend following the operator’s manual for full care instructions.

Shipping Australia Wide

We have partnered with Australia’s leading freight companies to enable us to deliver your commercial fridges to you. This gives us the ability to ship to any location across the country.

Expert advice

Like some more information about open display fridges? We also offer onsite consultations and measure. Contact us by phone at 02 9799 9911 or via email at Our team are available and willing to help.