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Shopping for a Hot Food Display counter, cabinet or Bain Marie's for your takeaway, lunch shop or Café? Browse online or visit our Sydney office. Snowmaster is Australia’s leading supplier of Woodson & Roband hot food display bars.

Hot food display cabinets

Present hot food to your customers in a beautiful display cabinet, while ensuring optimum temperature and lighting. Snowmaster offers an incredible range of hot food display equipment to suit any type of catering operation — from large correctional centres to small club bistros.

Our sales team are online 24/7 to answer your questions and prepare you a personalised quote.

If you have a specific bain marie or hotbox in mind, browse our online catering store right now. We stock a wide range of sizes, styles, and capacities including:

  • Benchtop and freestanding — display food for sale on the countertop, or your most convenient spaces.
  • Single and double row — wet or dry operation bain maries that come with a variety of stainless steel holding pans.
  • Curved and square glass — choose a style that matches your decor, and your serving space.
  • 1-4 Display Levels — up to 4 tiered display cabinets with rear sliding doors.

When shopping for any type of hot food display equipment always ask us about these important features: thermal air flow, temperature range, humidity and fogging, lighting componentry, adjustable shelving, safe cleaning, machine noise. And remember, hot food displays are holding cabinets only — they are not designed to heat the food.

The most trusted brands in hot food displays and bain maries: Anvil, Roband, FED.

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Ready to order? Or want to request an onsite measure and quote? Get in touch with our expert sales team by phoning 02 9799 9911 or emailing We’ll help you match the best hot food displays and other Commercial Kitchen Equipment to suit your catering outlet’s size, output, and workflow. Email us right now.