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One of the leading foodservice equipment suppliers in Australia, Roband is a family-owned business that provides customers with high-quality, durable products.


Roband Australia is an icon of the Australian foodservice equipment market; the company has been owned and run by the same Australian family for more than 50 years.

Roband® is named after the founders two sons, ROBert and ANDrew (ROB-AND). Robert left the business early in his career to pursue life as a chef, whilst Andrew is the Managing Director of Roband. The first product designed and made by the founder, Sidney, was a milkshake mixer some 60 years ago in the family garage. Today, Roband Milkshake Mixers are one of the many quality products manufactured in the Sydney based production facility and are exported throughout the world.

From humble beginnings, Roband’s success today is built upon the foundation of true product quality and innovation coupled with strong after-market service and support for its diverse product range. Roband has a reputation for quality and excellent customer service and is committed to doing everything they can to continue to maintain and improve this reputation. It’s for these reasons that cafes, restaurants, franchise and independently owned food service outlets, 5-star hotels, airlines and institutions, there is a Roband product usually not too far away.

Roband combines decades of engineering excellence and market experience to provide customers worldwide with high-quality products that are built to last.

Roband also imports and distributes world-class products in Australia, including world-renowned commercial Vitamix® commercial blenders, Noaw® meat slicers, Hallde® commercial food preparation machines, Robatherm urns and commercial microwaves, Förje® cookware and Dipo Induction Systems.

The very first product launched by the company was the milkshake mixer, and today, Roband manufactures a variety of commercial kitchen products. Snomaster brings you a huge range of Roband products that guarantees both quality and durability.


Bain Marie

Bain Marie is a popular commercial kitchen item in Australia. You can choose a bain marie according to your restaurant service and replace pans. Snowmaster offers wet heat and dry heat  Roband bain maries. The former reduces the risk of food burning, while the latter warms up faster.


Coffee Pot Warmer

If you own a cafe or bakery, investing in a coffee pot warmer is a wise decision. Roband coffee warmer available at Snowmaster is a perfect way to fill their cups, or for keeping extra pots of coffee ready to restock. These coffee warmers are designed with efficiency and safety in mind. Our commercial kitchen equipment at Snowmaster ensure durability, reliability, and efficiency. Store prepared coffee at the right temperature in our Roband coffee warmer.


Boiling Plate

Invest in Roband boiling plate for boiling, heating, or frying. Roband boiling plate available at Snowmaster measures 190mm in width and is ideal for all needs. You can easily install it in your restaurant and use it for boiling, frying or heating. Our boiling plate has six heat settings per plate, sealed cast iron hot plates, high-speed recovery, and stainless-steel construction.


Commercial Milkshake Makers

Roband milkshake machines create creamy and thick milkshakes. Get quick results, and from our reliable, powerful and easy to use milkshake makers is very compact; you can easily mount them on your counter. Choose Roband milkshake machines with different speeds, so you have control over how thick or thin the final product is.


Benchtop Deep Fryers

Commercial benchtop deep fryers quickly heat up cooking oil for deep frying foods. You can easily maximise space and minimise cost with benchtop deep fryers. Our range of Roband deep fryers is a fully portable, freestanding model and is perfect for smaller cafes or restaurants with short order requirements. Commercial deep fryers offer you the time and temperature control for your cooking, making sure you don’t overcook the food.


Pie Warmers

If you want to display your pies, cakes, pastries, and sausage rolls while keeping them warm and fresh, invest in a Roband pie warmer. These countertop display cabinets keep the food hot and ready to serve for hours at the correct temperature. If you own a cafe, takeaway, coffee shop, lunchroom, bakery or school canteen, investing in a pie warmer is a wise decision.


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