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Skope refrigeration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fridges & Freezers with a global reputation for high-performance efficiency, reliability, and design innovation. For more than 50 years the company has led the local market by continually raising the bar, on what Australian Restaurants, Cafe's and foodservice businesses should expect from their Skope fridges & freezers.


Skope Fridges For Sale Australia

SKOPE originally made its name in the general display fridge segment, where it remains the benchmark with interchangeable cartridge fridges like the affordable EziCore (TCE1000) and the market-leading ActiveCore2 (TME1000N-A). The latter boasts a 5-year full warranty on the back of its remarkable strength and reliability.

ActiveCore 2 also marked the debut of  Skope Connect, the first commercial fridge control, and monitoring app to come at no extra cost.

The app is helping a multitude of Australian businesses reduce food waste and power consumption while simplifying HACCP compliance. Where they used to rely on expensive and time-consuming temperature probes to meet their compliance obligations, SKOPE-connect customers simply export the data from their smartphones in a few moments.

Skope 2 Door Fridge

SKOPE-connect has contributed to the unprecedented success of ReFlex, SKOPE’s follow-up to the popular Pegasus series in the food storage segment. ReFlex won the FCSI Best New Hospitality Equipment Product 2019 Awards on its debut at Fine Food Australia thanks to its digital innovation and strong, food-safe 304 stainless steel build.

Since then ReFlex has been joined by ProSpec, a premium cousin that combines ReFlex’s strength and innovation with the ultimate performance and efficiency of ActiveCoreTM technology.

The manufacturer offers equipment finance at competitive rates through its Skope Funding arm, which also helps customers finance imported products from international partners ITV Ice Makers and Ironox, the world’s leading brand of blast chiller.

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