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Looking for a Commercial Upright Fridge? Snowmaster stock and distribute Australia's most trusted brands in Commercial Upright Fridges, as well as a full range of equipment. Shop now for different types of Glass Door Fridges, Drinks Fridges, Display Fridges, Beer and Wine Fridges.

Commercial Drink & Display Fridges For Sale

Australia’s best commercial upright fridges here in the Snowmaster online store — and at wholesale prices. Since 1945 Snowmaster have been helping restaurants, kitchens, catering outlets, and hospitality venues find reliable equipment to keep food (and drinks) at optimum temperature.

What type of commercial upright refrigerator do you need?

  • Slimline models — use every available space in your commercial kitchen.
  • Glassdoor displays — present drinks for sale, or just know where everything is at a glance.
  • Solid door workhorses — safely store seafood, poultry, red meat, or desserts.
  • Lockable models — prevent theft and pilfering of your food stocks.

How to choose a commercial upright fridge

Commercial upright fridges and chillers can be used to store food stocks at the back-of-house or to display drinks for sale in a busy restaurant. Whatever the application you should pay attention to:

  • Energy consumption — what’s the energy rating? Remembering that glass doors, lighting, and frequent opening will increase energy consumption.
  • Ambient temperature — every time an upright fridge is opened, all the contents are exposed to hot air. Will it hold temperature in the heat of your venue?
  • Clearance spaces — swing doors can block passageways and food prep-areas. Will they close automatically?
  • Cleaning and maintenance — will it be easy to clean, defrost and maintain?

And make sure you ask about other key specifications: compressor types, self-closing doors, condensation and humidity levels, thermostat and digital displays, shelving options, cooling systems, inner temperature range, adjustable feet or castors, lighting.

The brands you can trust in cold food storage and commercial refrigeration: Bromic, Saltas, Anvil, Inomak, Skipio, FED, Skope, Polar, Turbo Air, Atosa.

Enquire now

Like some help fitting a commercial upright fridge to your catering outlet or hospitality venue? Our sales team is here 24/7 to answer your questions and prepare quotes — you can even request an onsite consultation and measuring. Call 02 9799 9911 or email for expert advice on commercial kitchen equipment and catering gear.