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Looking for a Cold Food Display to create a stunning visual display for your salads, sandwiches, and ready-to-sell cold foods? Browse here online for leading brand cold food displays, salad bar fridges, and sandwich display fridges. Shipping to all major capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

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Cold Food Display Fridges

Having an appealing cold food display at your café, coffee shop, bakery, or bistro is critical to daily sales and profits — and Snowmaster is here to help you choose the most cost-effective cold food display fridges, salad and sandwich bars.

Browse the Snowmaster online showroom for:

  • Curved glass display fridges — look great and toughened for extra safety.
  • Straight or square glass options — display extra merchandise on the top.
  • Sandwich bars — with food prep area at the back, and removable refrigeration unit.
  • Heavy-duty castors — easy to transfer, manoeuvre, and clean.
  • 100% Australia made — built right here in Australia, and manufactured to highest food safety and quality standards.

DID YOU KNOW? Snowmaster supply and distributing commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia — at wholesale prices. We guarantee to price-match any written quote, and that’s on the equipment as well as the freight.

How to choose a cold food display fridge

Cold food displays are refrigerated merchandisers, so choosing the right display fridge will directly impact your sales. You want a practical workflow where customers can quickly see what you’re selling, but it’s also easy for them to choose and buy.

Salads, sandwiches, and other ready-to-eat cold foods have a limited shelf-life so your main considerations will be:

  1. Size — a large cold food display looks amazing when it’s full of delicious food, but terrible if the shelves are empty. Make sure your daily turnover will support the fridge capacity.
  2. Cooling — it’s critical the fridge’s cooling method and temperature range is suited to the type of foods you sell. Salads, yoghurt, fruit and sandwiches kept at the wrong temperature will quickly spoil.
  3. Positioning — cold food displays and sandwich bars have compressors which need careful positioning so they don’t create a safety hazard (or blow hot air onto your customers). Get professional advice to ensure the model you choose is a perfect fit for your front-of-house.

And don’t forget to ask the sales team about cross-flow pan cooling, self-evaporating drainage, inner temperature range, curved or square glass, overhead fluorescent lighting, energy use, low-machine noise.

Snowmaster distributes only the best brands in cold food display fridges and sandwich bars: Roband, FED.

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