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Shopping for a  Cake Display Fridge or Cabinet? Snowmaster have the 3 tier cake cooler you need to keep the finest pastries, pies, cakes, and tortes fresh (and looking amazing). Check our online store now for freestanding or small benchtop cake fridges and other leading brand catering equipment.

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Cake Display Fridges For Sale

Present your finest pastries, pie, cakes, and tortes to your customers in the world’s best cake display fridges and cabinets. Whether you sell cakes from the countertop (next to the till), or from a large freestanding chiller — we have a cake display fridge to suit your venue.

If you’re nowhere near the Sydney CBD this week (or just don’t have time to visit our awesome showroom) don’t worry, we have thousands of products here online. Check the store now for cake display fridges and chillers  with:

  • Angled shelving — so the customer can see the whole cheesecake and every detail on the frosting.
  • Anti-fogging — so the cakes are perfectly visible for the whole service period.
  • Digital controls — so the fans and thermostat are synced for the perfect temperature.
  • Curved glass — for a sleek and contemporary merchandise display.

DID YOU KNOW? Snowmaster supply and distributing commercial kitchen equipment all over Australia — at wholesale prices. We guarantee to price-match any written quote, and that’s on the equipment as well as the freight.

How to choose a cake display cabinet

When choosing a cake display fridge your #1 consideration is the fridge’s temperature range and humidity levels. Cakes, pastries, and pies must be kept at very specific temperatures otherwise they dry out, or get wet and soggy.

Don’t leave your decision to chance, get professional advice about each cake fridge you are considering — asking about:

  • Cooling methods — ensure the inner temperature range, condensation, and humidity levels are suited to the cakes you sell.
  • Shelf Height — make sure there is enough clearance above the tallest cake so potential buyers can see the whole cake, and your staff don’t damage the frosting when getting it out of the fridge.
  • Cleaning — your fridge needs to be spotlessly clean, all the time. Choose a cake chiller that’s easy to clean and won’t fog up.
  • Turnover — you don’t want your cake display fridge overloaded, at the same time a huge chiller that’s half-empty looks equally bad. Make sure your daily turnover supports the fridge size.

And don’t forget the key features of different models: machine noise, self-evaporating drainage, temperature controls, solid or wire shelves, castors, heated glass, countertop models, LED strip lighting.

Cake display fridges in every shape and size: Bromic, Anvil, Skipio, FED, Skope, Polar, Atosa.

Enquire now

Need more information about cake display fridges for your catering outlet? Call  02 9799 9911 or email [email protected] to request an onsite consultation and measuring — or just talk to someone with a hospitality background and the right technical knowledge. We are here now to take your call.