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Shopping for a commercial  Cake Display Fridge or Cabinet? Snowmaster has the curve glass or square glass cake fridge you need to keep the finest pastries, pies, cakes, & tortes fresh and looking amazing. Check our online store now for bench top and countertop small cake display fridge's.

Cake Display Fridges For Sale

Present your finest pastries, pie, cakes, and tortes to your customers in the world’s best cake display fridges and cabinets. Whether you sell cakes from the countertop (next to the till), or from a large freestanding chiller — we have a cake display fridge to suit your venue.

Impress your customers with our elegant cake display fridges, the must-have equipment for any bakery, cafe, or restaurant. Showcase your delicious baked goods and drinks in style with our showcases or merchandiser fridges, designed to keep your products at the perfect temperature while maintaining their appearance. Choose from various sizes to suit your business, from freestanding to built-in models with glass doors and display lights for easy access and clear visibility. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – check out our reliable cake display fridges with 2- 3-layer or 4-display layers available to meet your needs. Elevate your display game and read more about our cake display fridges now.

We have thousands of products here online. Check the store now for cake display fridges and chillers  with:

  • Angled shelving — so the customer can see the whole cheesecake and every detail on the frosting.
  • Anti-fogging — so the cakes are perfectly visible for the whole service period.
  • Digital controls — so the fans and thermostat are synced for the perfect temperature.
  • Curved glass — for a sleek and contemporary merchandise display.

DID YOU KNOW? Snowmaster supplies and distributes Cake Fridges all over Australia — at wholesale prices. We guarantee to price-match any written quote, and that’s on the equipment as well as the freight.

How to choose a cake display cabinet

When choosing a cake display fridge cabinet your #1 consideration is the fridge’s temperature range and humidity levels. Cakes, pastries, and pies must be kept at very specific temperatures otherwise they dry out, or get wet and soggy.

Don’t leave your decision to chance, get professional advice about each cake fridge you are considering — asking about:

  • Cooling methods — ensure the inner temperature range, condensation, and humidity levels are suited to the cakes you sell.
  • Shelf Height — make sure there is enough clearance above the tallest cake so potential buyers can see the whole cake, and your staff doesn’t damage the frosting when getting it out of the fridge.
  • Cleaning — your fridge needs to be spotlessly clean, all the time. Choose a cake chiller that’s easy to clean and won’t fog up.
  • Turnover — you don’t want your cake display fridge overloaded, at the same time a huge chiller that’s half-empty looks equally bad. Make sure your daily turnover supports the fridge size.

And don’t forget the key features of different models: machine noise, self-evaporating drainage, temperature controls, solid or wire shelves, castors, heated glass, countertop models, and LED strip lighting.

The Best Fridges for Cakes.

Cake display fridges are the ultimate refrigeration solution for showcasing cakes and desserts beautifully and enticingly. But that’s not all they can do – these fridges are versatile enough to display sandwiches, drinks, and other food products. With convenient glass doors at the back, staff can easily refill shelves while customers can see the delectable treats on display. Cake display fridges are perfect for any restaurant establishment, not just bakeries or cafes. They come in different colours, finishes, and sizes to fit any restaurant décor. Unique features like adjustable shelves make displaying cakes of various sizes easy. Look no further than a cake display fridge for a stylish and efficient way to showcase your desserts. And if you want the best of the best, try the Bonvue Deluxe Chilled Display Cabinet – a true star in our collection. It’s the perfect addition to any hospitality business with a chilled interior for preservation, glass display for presentation, and LED lighting.

What size cake fridge should I consider?

When it comes to cake display fridges, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. These fridges come in various shapes and sizes, the most common being rectangular with a curved glass front. They’re great for displaying cakes, desserts, sandwiches, and drinks. The average fridge can hold up to 100 cake servings, but larger sizes are available for busier kitchens. A slimmer model with more display layers could be a good option if you’re working with limited space.
When choosing a cake display fridge, consider your customer base and the types of cakes you’ll display. Multi-tiered cakes require more space, while single-serving cakes can fit in a smaller fridge. If you’re concerned about space, consider an upright display fridge for maximum storage capacity without taking up too much room. Ultimately, the size and type of cake display fridge you choose will depend on your establishment’s needs.

What is the optimum temperature for a cake fridge?

When setting the temperature for your fridge, you have a range of options from 1°C to 15°C. The temperature you choose will depend on the size of your fridge and the type of food you plan to store. For cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods, it’s best to refrigerate them between 5°C and eight °C to prevent them from drying out. A lower temperature, like one °C to 4°C, will suffice for other foods, drinks, and chilled baked goods. At Restaurant Equipment Online, we offer various fridge models and designs so you can elegantly store and display all kinds of products, from cold salads to room-temperature baked goods. We even have matching heated displays to create a streamlined shopfront!

How efficient is my cake display?

These glass-doored cake display fridges are the perfect solution for keeping your cakes fresh and enticing your customers with sweet treats. Double or triple-glazed glass retains the coolness inside the refrigerator, ensuring your cakes stay fresh. These fridges also feature air-tight doors designed to keep the cold temperatures in and improve energy efficiency. And, with inbuilt LED or Fluorescent lights, the appearance of your displayed goods is significantly enhanced. LED lighting is a fantastic way to attract customers to bright and fresh foods while also offering high energy efficiency. Alternatively, Fluorescent lights provide a warmer glow that can make bakery products stand out in some settings.

Cake display fridges in every shape and size: Bromic, Anvil, Skipio, FED, Skope, Polar, Atosa.

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