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Federal Hospitality Equipment (F.E.D) is the topmost equipment importer in Australia. The brand imports exclusive and professional range of commercial food equipment, commercial refrigeration, pizza oven, kitchen equipment, furniture, tableware, and cookware. FED is an Australian and New Zealand company having their headquarters in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, and New Zealand. FED is a renowned name associated with quality, reliability, and great customer service. Snowmaster brings you a wide range of FED equipment, ranging from cooking appliances to gas and electric ovens, dishwashing machines, and more.

FED products at Snowmaster

Under Bench Dishwasher

Commercial under bench dishwashers from FED is smaller as compared to pass-through and conveyor dishwashers. They are designed for compact spaces, and some models don’t have sides or a top. A compact FED under bench dishwasher is ideal for cafes & restaurants with limited space that fit neatly under the bench or countertop.

Commercial Glass Washers

Commercial glass washers from FED are designed to wash large volumes of glassware — they are not designed for washing pots, plates, and cutlery. The FED glasswasher ensures clean and sparkling cleaning, leaves your glass wear undamaged and is completely safe for your patrons to use. Consider the water consumption, water pressure, temperature range, insulation, available space, machine noise, detergent, and rinse aid systems of a glasswasher before buying one.

Hot Water Urns

Snowmaster offers portable options for commercial grade use, like hot water urns from FED. Our commercial hot water urns are made of high-quality stainless-steel materials and are available with automatic heat options to boil and keep water warm. The units have cool-touch handles that minimise the risk of burning, and complex locking systems ensure zero spillage. Commercial hot water urns from FED can easily boil large amounts of water for your restaurant’s coffee, tea, and other hot water needs. Our FED commercial hot water urns can also be used to store coffee, water, hot tea, hot chocolate, and any other warm beverage.

Pie Warmers

Pie warmers are a great way to display your food items like pies, sausage rolls, pastries and other hot foods to customers. These countertop display cabinets can keep contents hot and ready to serve for hours at the correct temperature. To hold food safely and hygienically your commercial pie warmer temperature should be at a minimum of 72°C. These units are incredibly popular in cafes, takeaways, coffee shops, lunchrooms, bakeries and school canteens. Check out our range of FED pie warmers today.

Planetary Mixers

Snowmaster brings you a range of top-quality commercial food preparation equipment like FED commercial planetary mixers. These mixers are built with an offset shaft that revolves within the mixing bowl while the bowl itself remains stationary. Now mix ingredients without leaving areas of unmixed ingredients. Choose from light, medium, or heavy-duty applications depending on your workload and how frequently you’ll use it. These mixers are sourced from one of the leading food equipment suppliers in Australia – FED. The units come with a range of speeds so that you can mix your bread dough, cake batter, or mashed potatoes without any hassle.

Commercial Convection Ovens

Convection ovens from FED are essential for any food establishment that serves quality food to their customs. These units circulate hot air around food in the oven cavity to regulate a consistent temperature, and removes cold air space around food, making it cook faster. Choose from commercial ovens range with glass or solid doors. We offer a huge variety of commercial convection oven to suit any business, from a high production restaurant to a small bakery.