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Anvil Aire Australia is a commercial foodservice product manufacturing company. Their list of products includes Fridges, Freezers, Cake Displays, Pizza Prep Fridges, and Glass Door Drink Fridges. Being one of the well-known global distinguishing restaurateurs, Anvil is known for its high-quality products.

Anvil delivers products worldwide and offers technical support services in Australia, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and the Pacific Islands. The brand manufactures a wide range of products that can be found in food establishments like restaurants, hotels, bars, convenience stores, canteens, and supermarkets, where the products are used by professional chefs and caterers alike.

Established in 1966, Anvil has earned the catering industry’s trust and respect in many markets. Their products are currently distributed worldwide in over 30 countries. The brand is also a member of the Universal Industries Group; one of the largest Food Service Equipment Companies in Sub Saharan Africa.

As an experienced appliance equipment manufacturer, Anvil places a strong emphasis on the use of high-quality material and components in its products thus ensuring quality and durability. The commercial fridges and freezers from Anvil are designed, sourced and produced with the end-user in mind.

Anvil Fridges & Freezers at Snowmaster

Snowmaster brings you a wide range of commercial catering products from Anvil. Shop for benchtop equipment, beverage equipment, commercial freezers, commercial fridges, cooking equipment, food preparation equipment, and hot food displays.

Anvil Benchtop Deep Fryers

Commercial benchtop deep fryers are designed to quickly heat up cooking oil for deep frying foods. Investing in a benchtop deep fryer is a fantastic way to maximise space and minimise cost. Our range of Anvil benchtop deep fryers are fully portable, give you the benefits of a freestanding model, and is perfect for smaller cafes or restaurants with short order requirements. Benchtop deep fryers are operated with electricity and suited to smaller foodservice frying applications only. Commercial deep fryers by Anvil provide you with the time and temperature control for your cooking, making sure you don’t overcook the food, which is quite common with regular deep fryers.

Commercial Drink Dispensers by Anvil

Commercial drink dispenser from Anvil is a perfect unit for filling your guests’ cups. The commercial drink dispensers at Snowmaster are made with high-quality durable material and support a solid base that makes it easy to mount and dispense liquid.

Anvil Under Bench Freezer

Commercial under bench freezer is essential for any food establishment as it is a space-saving solution to keep ingredients frozen and within reach in your kitchen. Place an under-bench freezer under any work surface, concession stand, pizzeria, sandwich shop, or restaurant kitchen to boost efficiency. Our Anvil commercial freezers are armed with casters for easy mobility and come with handy features like adjustable shelving. Now you can easily store your frozen pizza, patties, funnel cakes, and ice cream, prepped sauces, meats, and other ingredients in a commercial under bench freezer. Shop now from Snowmaster.

Anvil Under Bench Fridges for Sale

Browse Australia’s leading range of commercial under bench fridges and catering equipment for commercial kitchens, bars, hotels, and fresh food stores. Our commercial fridge range from Anvil guarantees quality and durability.

Quality Anvil Planetary Mixers

Commercial planetary mixers from Anvil are built with an offset shaft that revolves within the mixing bowl while the bowl itself remains stationary. Its efficient design allows it to reach flour, sugar, and butter in all parts of the bowl without leaving areas of unmixed ingredients. You can choose from light, medium, or heavy-duty applications depending on your workload and how frequently you’ll use it. These mixers also come with a range of speeds so that you can mix your bread dough, cake batter, or mashed potatoes without any hassle.

Don’t forget to check out our other food preparation equipment like a commercial stick blender, forked mixer, meat slicer, pizza dough roller, and more.