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Are you planning to buy Sushi Display Fridges for your restaurant in Australia? Snowmaster offers you a collection of top grade sushi display fridges which can help you increase the appeal of your sushi and sashimi rolls. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial fridges across Australia. Shop online or visit our Sydney showroom.

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Now all of your sushi rolls will stay cooled and at a safe temperature. Choose a sushi display fridge from our collection sourced from brands like Sayl and F.E.D. Each sushi display fridge available with us is specially designed to keep your creations at safe holding temperatures, ensuring your customers always get the best-tasting and freshest sushi. Our units are made with stainless steel and strong, tempered glass constructions, they’re also attractive additions that allow customers to easily go through your sushi range. You can choose from a large sushi case to the tiniest Japanese sushi displays to store your tastiest sushi collection. You can also choose from angled or curved glass display fronts that make it easy for customers to browse and buy according to their selections.