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Browse here online for Commercial Bar Fridges Australia, including Back Bar and Glass Door underbar. Bromic, Anvil, Skipio, FED, Skope, Polar, every leading brand of commercial bar fridge for sale to suit, Hotels, Clubs & Pubs.  Shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Commercial Bar Fridges at Australia’s Lowest Prices

Choose from the world’s leading brand commercial bar fridges right here in the Snowmaster online showroom. Whether you’re a small country hotel or a busy nightclub, we have the commercial refrigeration equipment you need.

Check the store for:

  • Underbench units — bar refrigerators that sit under the bench or counter.
  • Powdercoat finish — step away from stainless steel and meld your bar fridge into the decor.
  • Heavy-duty castors — set up temporary bars or just move about for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Display Fridges — entice your customers with beautiful beverage displays.
  • Adjustable shelving — quickly adapt your bar fridge to different sized bottles, kegs, cans, and glassware.

DID YOU KNOW? The Snowmaster sales team are here online 24/7 to take your call, or price your bar equipment. With warehouses in 6 states, we get your commercial bar fridge to you fast.

How to choose a commercial bar fridge?

Choosing the right bar fridge can make a big difference to the efficiency, safety, and ambience of your bar — three things that directly translate into either sales or cost savings. Here are some considerations:

  • Space — look at the overall space you have in your bar, paying attention to the clearance space between service counters, drink preparation areas, walkways, and back bar fridges.
  • Storage — what type of drinks are you selling? And in what quantities? How easy will it be to restock the fridges during peak service periods?
  • Display — will you be displaying drinks and glasses to customers and staff? A well-placed commercial bar fridge is also a merchandising opportunity.
  • Doors — sliding or swing? Swing doors allow more people to open the fridge at the same time, but can create traffic issues. Sliding doors save space but do limit access to the fridge.

Keeping the beer cold, and the wines sweet and dry — we distribute the world’s best brands in bar refrigeration:  Bromic, Anvil, Skipio, FED, Skope, Polar.

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If you’re building or upgrading the bar at your venue, why not give us a call. The expert team at Snowmaster all have real-world industry experience and can help you choose the most cost-effective (and practical) solution for your bar. Call 02 9799 9911 or email and we’ll be happy to walk you through our wide range of commercial bar fridges.