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Looking for a Deli Display Fridge for your fine food store, supermarket or delicatessen? Browse here online for Australia's finest Deli Fridges, Meat Cabinets & Cheese Display Fridges. We have the Deli Display Cabinet to safely display all your cold cuts.

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Deli Display Fridges and Cabinets

Safely display deli meats, soft cheeses, preserved vegetables, and other cold cuts in a beautiful display fridge with precision glass walls and commercial grade stainless steel. A well-positioned deli display fridge will entice your customers to buy, as well as keep your food stocks stored safely.

Here in the Snowmaster online showroom, you have access to leading brand deli fridges, browse the store for models with:

  • Rear workbenches — display cold cuts in the front, store and prepare food in the back.
  • Removable bays and front panels — for easy clean and maintenance.
  • Lockable enclosures — to protect your stock from theft and pilfering.
  • High-grade castors — to move your deli display fridge when you need to.

If you can’t find what you want online, do give us a call or visit our brand new Sydney showroom. Park in our underground car park and allow us to walk you through our outstanding range of deli display fridges and other quality catering equipment.

DID YOU KNOW? The Snowmaster sales team are online 24/7 to answer your queries and prepare quotes for commercial kitchen equipment. We know you’re venue is open odd hours, and so are we.

How to choose a deli display fridge

When choosing a deli display fridge aesthetics are critically important. Customers respond to visually appealing displays and often make impulse purchases when they see something they like. You need to balance the space you have available and model that will sync with the ambience (and angles) of your delicatessen or food store.

Important questions to ask include:

  • Base — do you want your deli display fridge with a fixed base, or on moveable castors?
  • Locking — do you need to secure your foods stocks during certain hours?
  • Display — which will best suit your venue — straight or curved glass?
  • Visibility — do you need the foods to be on display from all angles, or are opaque side-panels ok?
  • Temperature — what foods are you storing and what temperature range will you require?
  • Service — do you want customers to have self-service options (ie front and rear doors).

And don’t forget to ask about: ambient temperature, internal tray width, energy consumption, cleaning and maintenance, number of lids and doors, rear workbenches, hydraulic lift glass doors.

The best in deli display fridges and meat cabinets: Bromic.

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Got a question about commercial refrigeration in your delicatessen or supermarket? Jump on the phone now and chat to the expert team here at Snowmaster. We’re not just here to help you with deli display fridges though, you can ask us about all types of commercial fridges and catering equipment. Call 02 9799 9911 or send an email to [email protected] to request a quote, advice, or an onsite consultation and measuring.