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Need an Under Bench fridge for your Commercial Kitchen, Restaurant, or Cafe? Whether you need an Under counter fridge or a Bench Top fridge that fits under the Countertop, Snowmaster has the Largest range at the Lowest prices, Shop now and save!

Commercial Under Bench Fridge

Browse Australia’s leading range of commercial under bench fridges and equipment for commercial kitchens, bars, hotels, and fresh food stores. View thousands of products here online — including the very latest in commercial under bench refrigeration. Discover a seamless solution for under-bench fridges with Snowmaster. Our under-bench fridges not only provide refrigeration but also serve as efficient prep stations crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel. This enables you to prepare food directly on their surfaces. Our under-counter fridges are designed to endure in a bustling commercial kitchen where workflow interruption is not an option. Whether you operate a compact fish-and-chips stall or a full-scale restaurant managing a daily dinner rush, Snowmaster’s commercial under-bench fridges seamlessly integrate into your kitchen setup. Choose from various lengths, ranging from 600mm single doors to 2.2m or 2.5m four-door options. opt for solid stainless steel or glass door variations to meet the specific needs of your commercial kitchen. Explore our range to familiarize yourself with the diverse options for under-bench fridges.

Types of underbench fridges available?

Selecting the appropriate underbench fridge isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. It’s crucial to choose the right under counter appliance that suits your specific requirements. Consider the available space in your kitchen and the amount of food you need to store.

Compact underbench bar fridge
The most space-efficient options among underbench fridges are the single-door and 2-door variants. Ideal for compact kitchens and areas with increased noise levels, these fridges offer a convenient solution for storing prepped dishes ready for service. The Skipio One Door Undercounter Fridge effortlessly fits beneath your table, ensuring your food is readily accessible. If you want to showcase drinks or desserts, the TurboAir Glass Door Compact Display Fridge and Anvil’s Undercounter Glass Fridge are excellent selections. Their compact, short, and narrow designs save space and help maintain your food’s freshness.

2-door and 3-door underbench fridge
The 2-door and 3-door refrigerators are renowned for their outstanding reliability and performance. Customers favour these options due to their ample space for food and beverages and separate compartments for diverse storage needs. These fridges typically include a freezer compartment, making them convenient for storing items like ice cream or frozen meals. The FED Two-Door Remote Glass Refrigerator is an efficient solution for comprehensive food storage. If you prefer a fridge with a glass display, the Bromic Display Fridge is a stylish and practical choice for your kitchen and prep area. For those managing a restaurant on a tighter budget, consider exploring fridges from Thermaster and Polar-excellent options offering great value for money. In settings like restaurants, bars, and large hospitality venues, the Anvil Three-Door Worktop Underbench Fridge stands out as a versatile masterpiece, serving as both a refrigerator and a worktop, making it ideal for bustling kitchens.

4-door underbench fridge
For those seeking maximum functionality in their kitchens, the 4-door underbench fridges are the ideal choice. This type of fridge, the most prominent option, offers generous space for storing food, beverages, and even small appliances. The Four Door from Bromic and the 4-door Underbench Fridge from Inomak stand out as star performers in our selection. Engineered for robust performance in busy kitchens, even in high-temperature environments, these fridges are versatile, accommodating various needs while imparting a sleek look to your kitchen setup. Other noteworthy units boasting excellent features include the Thermaster 4-door Glass Display Fridge and the Polar 4-door Fridge. Equipped with a worktop, these options are the most practical for a bustling kitchen.

Why buy a commercial under bench fridge?

Integrating a commercial under-bench fridge into your commercial kitchen brings invaluable benefits. Beyond offering additional storage space for food and beverages, these units excel in quickly recovering temperatures compared to their domestic counterparts. In a bustling environment, under bench fridges prove instrumental for storing chilled ingredients and preparing dishes for immediate service. The compact design of these fridges optimizes limited space, ensuring your ingredients are conveniently within reach while maintaining a neat kitchen appearance.
For those requiring larger storage capacities and engaged in the preparation of dishes with more ingredients or extended prep times, a larger under-bench fridge is the ideal choice. These fridges may also come with features like glass doors, allowing you to quickly inspect the contents without opening the door and compromising the cool interior.

Consider the noise factor.

Manufactured for discreet operation, under-bench fridges are engineered to minimize disturbance in bustling kitchen settings-these fridges effectively lower noise levels by incorporating soundproofing materials and cutting-edge compressor technology. Nonetheless, the perception of noise can differ across models, making it prudent to review product specifications or seek guidance from our experts to ascertain that the selected under-bench fridge aligns with your specific noise criteria.

Will an under bench fridge suit my Kitchen ?

Under-counter refrigerators are adaptable and appropriate for a range of commercial kitchen environments. Whether it’s a cozy cafe, a modest restaurant, or a sprawling catering facility, these fridges effortlessly fit into diverse settings. Their space-efficient design and customizable attributes facilitate effortless incorporation into any kitchen arrangement. Whether managing a vibrant bistro or a dynamic hotel kitchen, under-counter fridges provide versatility and practicality, contributing to the overall efficiency of your food storage operations. Under-counter refrigerators are designed to house various commonly used food items in commercial kitchens. They provide customizable shelving options, enabling you to tailor the interior space to your requirements. Whether you need to store vegetables, dairy products, meats, or beverages, these fridges offer generous space and adaptability. It’s advisable to review the product specifications to confirm that the chosen model provides the required capacity and configuration to meet the specific needs of your kitchen.

Under-counter refrigerators provide versatility, serving as either independent units or integral components of a more extensive refrigeration setup. In compact operations, a solitary under-counter fridge is sufficient to meet storage requirements. Conversely, in more extensive kitchens or establishments with substantial storage needs, under-counter fridges can be augmented with additional refrigeration equipment like upright fridges or chest freezers. This combination allows for the establishment of a comprehensive and effective cooling system. Your choice should be guided by considerations such as the size of your kitchen, the diversity of your menu, and the expected demands for storage.

Under-counter refrigerators have gained popularity in commercial kitchens thanks to their compact design that saves space. Placed neatly beneath countertops, they optimize kitchen efficiency by providing convenient access to ingredients, minimizing the time spent manoeuvring in the kitchen. Furthermore, these refrigerators contribute to a tidy workspace, fostering better organization and streamlining the food preparation. Investing in an under-counter fridge guarantees a seamless workflow and enhanced productivity, making it a valuable asset for any commercial kitchen.

To select the right size and capacity for an under-counter fridge:

  1. Consider the available space in your kitchen, the items on your menu, and your storage needs.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the designated placement area, ensuring ample clearance for proper ventilation.
  3. Evaluate your food inventory and estimate the volume of items requiring storage.
    Our team is available to assist you in choosing the ideal size and capacity, preventing overloading, or underutilising the under-counter fridge and ensuring you get the maximum value for your investment.

Compliance and efficiency.

Under-counter fridges prioritize food safety in their design. They offer superior cooling capabilities, preserving the freshness and quality of perishable ingredients. With precise temperature controls, they actively inhibit bacterial growth, ensuring adherence to health regulations. Many of these fridges boast robust stainless steel construction, facilitating easy cleaning and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Investing in a dependable under-counter fridge showcases your dedication to food safety, guaranteeing a high-quality culinary experience for your customers. Under-counter refrigerators are crafted with a focus on energy efficiency. Numerous models incorporate cutting-edge technology to reduce power consumption while ensuring optimal cooling capabilities. Seek refrigerators with energy-saving attributes such as LED lighting, efficient compressors, and enhanced insulation. By opting for an energy-efficient under-counter fridge, you play a role in promoting environmental sustainability and simultaneously cutting down on your overall operational expenses. Assess the energy ratings and engage with our experienced team to select a choice that offers the most value for your investment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Under-counter refrigerators are crafted for straightforward cleaning and upkeep. Most models incorporate stainless steel interiors and exteriors, known for their stain resistance and ease of cleaning. The presence of removable shelving and gaskets facilitates thorough cleaning. It’s crucial to perform regular maintenance, including periodic inspections and cleaning of condenser coils, to guarantee optimal performance and prolonged lifespan. For detailed cleaning and maintenance guidance tailored to your specific model, refer to the product manual or contact our team for personalized recommendations.


Various manufacturers provide a range of warranty choices for under-counter fridges. These warranties generally address manufacturing defects and faults for a specified period, spanning from one to five years. When deciding on a purchase, it’s crucial to consider the extent of warranty coverage and any associated conditions. Our team is available to furnish comprehensive details regarding the warranty options applicable to the under-counter fridges you are considering.

The world’s leading brand under bench fridges: Bromic, Saltas, Anvil, Glacian, Inomak, Skipio, FED, Skope, Polar, Atosa & Turbo Air.

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