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Everlasting is one of the most popular companies that are known for manufacturing and supplying high-quality refrigeration units for catering facilities. The brand offers Blast Chillers, Blast Freezers, Dry Ageing Cabinets, Fridges & Freezers. With more than sixty years of professional experience in commercial refrigeration, the brand provides a constant commitment to providing its customers with innovative and high-quality solutions.

Everlasting Refrigeration at Snowmaster

Everlasting Blast Chiller

If you own a café, restaurant, or bar, and are looking for a commercial blast chiller or freezer, your search ends here. Our range of Everlasting commercial blast chillers offers the best and long-lasting service. Snowmaster offers a wide range of commercial blast chillers, varying sizes, and capacities so that you can find a blast chilling solution perfect for your food production requirements. Our range of Everlasting blast chillers is perfect for those looking for basic blast chilling capabilities. Everlasting commercial blast chillers include a comprehensive control system that allows you to control the chilling level for all food types. If you are looking for maximum freezing capacity in your food production look no further than the Snowmaster commercial blast chiller range. Whether you are looking for a blast chiller or blast freezer, take a look at our collection of blast chillers to meet your needs.

Everlasting Dry Aging Cabinets

A dry-aging cabinet is used for drying food items, like meat, cheese, and salami. During meat maturation, meat is evolving, softening its texture while its flavor gets focused. This allows the meat shops to sell the meat at a price higher than the original, increasing the business profits. A dry aging display cabinet from Everlasting increases the value of each product like meat, salami, and cheese stored inside. These cabinets are available at Snowmaster which is matured longer period in which the air humidity, air circulation, and temperature are controlled. The drying cabinet helps the moisture in the meat muscle tissue to vaporize and degrade to its natural enzymes. The meat might feel a bit hard and dry and turns black in color.

Provers & Holding Cabinets by Everlasting

Snowmaster brings you top-grade provers and holding cabinets sourced from Everlasting. Right from steam tables to soup wells, heat lamps to drawer warmers, find the perfect food warming, proofing, and holding equipment you need for your catering, buffet, or other foodservice business. Whether you need commercial food warming equipment for cooked food or a refrigerated unit for storing perishable products, you’ll find the best piece of equipment only at Snowmaster. Maintain the temperature of food with our Everlasting provers and holding cabinets which come with manual temperature control. Holding and proofing cabinets also keep prepared food and ingredients warm and organized and out of the way. You can easily slide sheet trays into a holding and proofing cabinet for better and safer food storage. Keep food warm before serving at your hospital, or hotel with our holding and proofing cabinets. Food holding and proofing cabinets sourced from Everlasting are available at Snowmaster. Shop now.