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Looking for a Vaccine Fridge? As the impact of COVID-19 continues, the increase in demand for medical fridges and vaccine fridges will certainly be a focus. Hospitals treating Coronavirus patients require vaccine fridges to store and administer more medicines due to the increasing number of patients. Snowmaster offers Bromic vaccine fridge for your medical firm.

People are demanding vaccines for an increasing number of disease across the world. Demand will be high this year and next year, therefore, medical practitioners will need to ensure their practice is equipped with enough temperature-controlled vaccine fridges and other storage space to administer the vaccine to their patients. Choose our range of commercial fridges for storing vaccines. As vaccines are vulnerable to both heat and extreme cold, which can reduce the vaccines either less effective or in a worst-case scenario unsafe, it is important to store them in a vaccine fridge specifically designed to combat these issues. Our Bromic vaccine fridges have dual temperature to ensure even cooling throughout the unit, precise digital controllers for accurate temperature control, cold zone buffer plates to prevent products being pushed into cooling areas, double glazed safety glass to reduce heat transfer into the unit and increase energy efficiency, and self-closing doors with alarms should the door closing be obstructed.