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Bromic is one of the leading suppliers of commercial refrigeration equipment in Australia. The brand is known for its quality, reliable products, designed and built specific to the task and refined to meet individual customer needs. At Snowmaster, we offer top commercial catering equipment for food establishment across Australia. Our range of Bromic products includes under bench fridge and freezer, chest freezer, display fridges, ice cream fridges and more.

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Established in 1999, Bromic has grown to become one of the largest and most reliable suppliers of refrigeration equipment in Australia.

Bromic Product Range at Snowmaster

Snowmaster offers a wide range of Bromic commercial freezer and Bromic commercial refrigeration units for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bars, canteens, and another food establishment.

Commercial Under Bench Freezer

A commercial under bench freezer is essential for any food establishment as it is a space-saving solution to keep ingredients frozen and within reach in your kitchen. You can place your Bromic under bench freezer under any work surface, concession stand, pizzeria, sandwich shop, or restaurant kitchen to boost efficiency. Many of these units are armed with casters for easy mobility and come with handy features like adjustable shelving. Now you can easily store your frozen pizza, patties, funnel cakes, and ice cream, prepped sauces, meats, and other ingredients in a commercial under bench freezer. Shop now from Snowmaster.

Commercial Chest Freezer

A commercial chest freezer is just what you need for storing bulk food items at your food establishment in Australia. The spacious interior of the Bromic chest freezer allows you to store bulk items like meat, packaged foods, ice cream, and bags of ice. These commercial freezers come with superior temperature control, thick insulation, and handy features like baskets and lid locks. You can keep all kinds of food like meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables frozen for days in our commercial chest freezers.

Display Freezer

Store your frozen food and packaged food in our Bromic countertop display freezer. Ideally installed in high volume retail areas or simply mounted on a counter, our units are perfect for ice cream or frozen meals. Bromic freezers are small and light enough to be easily transported but big and visible enough to gather customer attention. The front clear glass door with LED lighting inside is meant to display your food and beverages in a very attractive way. And never forget that the full outside body is made with high-quality stainless-steel, excellently design with advertising effects.

Commercial Wine Fridges

Bromic commercial wine fridges are perfect for displaying your finest wines at your restaurant, bar, or liquor store. These wine refrigerators have large glass doors, allowing your customers to easily see the bottle labels. You can store your wines at the perfect temperature for optimal taste and flavour.

Cake Display Fridges

Present your finest pastries, pie, cakes, and tortes to your customers in the world’s best cake display fridges and cabinets from Bromic. Whether you sell cakes from the countertop or a large freestanding chiller, we have a cake display fridge to suit your venue.

Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial ice makers sourced from Bromic is a necessary unit for almost any foodservice or hospitality establishment. Our commercial ice machine ensures that clean, fresh, and frozen ice is consistently made throughout the day so you can serve your guests with chilled refreshing drinks.

Don’t forget to explore our complete range of Bromic products here. We also offer commercial bar fridges, upright freezers, open display fridges and more so that you can store your food easily, and safely.