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Inomak Fridges & Freezers are a renowned name in commercial refrigerators manufacturing industry. Established in 1976, the brand supplies top-class catering equipment to food establishment in Australia. Take a look at the commercial Inomak fridges & freezers available online at Snowmaster.

Take a look at the following Inomak products for sale available at Snowmaster:

Commercial Upright Freezers

Are you looking to update your freezer? Check out our commercial upright freezer unit from Inomak. Select from a variety of features, including LED lighting, self-cleaning condensers, and shallow depth. You can prolong the life of fresh foods in Inomak commercial upright freezer, and store products that are prepared and ready-made.

Commercial Upright Fridges

Commercial upright fridges come in a variety of models, like slimline models for every available space in your commercial kitchen, glassdoor displays for displaying drinks for sale, or just know where everything is at a glance, solid door workhorses for storing seafood, poultry, red meat, or desserts, and lockable models for preventing theft and pilfering of your food stocks. Commercial upright fridges and chillers from Inomak can be used to store food stocks at the storage house or display drinks for sale in a busy restaurant.

Before buying a commercial upright fridge, pay attention to its energy consumption, ambient temperature, clearance spaces, and cleaning & maintenance. Make sure to confirm about other key specifications like compressor types, self-closing doors, thermostat and digital displays, condensation and humidity levels, shelving options, inner temperature range, cooling systems, adjustable feet or castors, lighting.

Commercial Drawer Fridges

Commercial drawer fridges by Inomak are best for saving space and improving efficiencies in your commercial kitchen. Invest in a recommend a drawer fridge that fits under your kitchen workbenches. Undercounter refrigerator drawers are available in a variety of sizes and design at Snowmaster and can be matched to fit even the tightest spaces. Choose the units that feature heavy-duty casters for easy transfer, defrost and cleaning, stainless steel interior and exterior for durability and extended shelf-life, internal rounded corners for hygiene and easy sanitation, and GN sizing to perfectly hold Gastronom pans.

The best thing about a commercial drawer fridge is that it fits under the kitchen workbench and allow you to easily segregate and label different food types. These units save space as they convert dead spaces into efficient workstations, making food prep, stock take, and cleaning so much simpler. A drawer fridge allows you to separate different food types, so you don’t need to open and close the fridge time and again. This will help you save a lot of energy.

Drawer fridges or under bench fridges save time as your chilled food and fresh ingredients are always ready at a near-reach under the kitchen bench, hence making food preparation easier and more efficient. These units save efforts. Rather than moving back and forth to grab ingredients and food items, it easier to slide out the drawer and bring the food on the table. When buying a commercial drawer fridge from Snowmaster, don’t forget to check the drawer capacity, digital temperature controls, inner temperature range, defrost and drainage, construction materials and ambient temperature.