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Looking for a Commercial Drawer Fridge for your kitchen, Restaurant or Cafe? Undercounter refrigerator drawers save workspace and energy. Plus they come in a range of widths and drawer capacities. Browse the Snowmaster online showroom now for Australia's best brand commercial drawer fridges.

Commercial Drawer Fridges for Sale

Want to save space and improve efficiencies in your commercial kitchen? We recommend a drawer fridge that fits snugly under your kitchen workbenches. Undercounter refrigerator drawers come in a variety of sizes and can be matched to fit even the tightest spaces.

Browse our full range of commercial drawer fridges and Catering Equipment here online.

Have a look now for models featuring:

  • Heavy-duty Castors — for easy transfer, defrost and Cleaning.
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior — for durability and extended shelf-life.
  • Internal rounded corners — for hygiene and easy sanitation.
  • GN sizing — to perfectly hold Gastronorm (GN) pans.

DID YOU KNOW? Snowmaster first opened in 1945, and over the last 7 decades have built an industry-wide reputation for service excellence. We guarantee to beat any price for commercial drawer fridges in Australia, just send your written quote and we’ll match the equipment price and the freight.

What’s so great about a commercial drawer fridge?

Commercial drawer fridges fit under the kitchen workbench and allow you to easily segregate and label different food types. They have 4 key advantages:

  1. Save space — Undercounter refrigerator drawers convert dead spaces into efficient workstations, making food prep, stocktake, and cleaning so much simpler.
  2. Save energy — if you’re working out of a hot and super-busy commercial kitchen chances are your fridges are getting opened and closed all day. Drawer Fridges allow you to separate different food types so you don’t need to open the whole thing (letting in hot air) every time you need to grab something.
  3. Save time — your chilled food and fresh ingredients are on-hand under the kitchen bench, making food preparation easier and more efficient.
  4. Save effort — rather than having to reach to the back of an upright fridge (with the door wide open) just slide out the drawer and bring the food to you — at the food prep bench.

When buying a commercial drawer fridge don’t forget to ask about: drawer capacity, inner temperature range, digital temperature controls, defrost and drainage, ambient temperature, construction materials.

The world’s best in commercial drawer fridges from Turbo Air, Skipio, Inomak,

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