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Being an international commercial refrigeration manufacturer, Skipio offers high-quality refrigerated cabinets, ice makers, bakery showcases, blast chillers, and much more. The company manufactures products with a superior level of efficiency and quality. Snowmaster offers Skipio refrigeration solutions for commercial kitchens in Australia.

Check out our range of Skipio products here:

Commercial Upright Freezers

If you are looking for a new commercial upright freezer for your food establishment, then you’ve landed on the right page. Our commercial upright freezer units from Skipio come with a variety of features, including self-cleaning condensers, LED lighting, and shallow depth. Keep your foods fresh in our commercial upright freezer.

Commercial Under Bench Freezer

Skipio commercial under bench freezer is a space-saving solution to keeping your frozen food. You can easily install it under any work surface, pizzeria, concession stand, sandwich shop, or restaurant kitchen. The under-bench freezer unit is fitted with casters for easy mobility and includes amazing features like adjustable shelving. Right from storing your frozen pizza, fresh patties, soft funnel cakes, ice cream, raw meats to any other ingredients, our under bench freezer is a perfect addition to your commercial kitchen.

Pizza Prep Fridges

Skipio offers pizza prep fridges for food establishments of all sizes. Snowmaster offers a countertop sandwich prep fridge, freestanding pizza fridge, and glass top model for your commercial kitchen. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when buying a prep fridge. Make a note of the ingredients require and the number of pizzas you’ll be making in a day. After selecting the right size for your prep machine, look for the cooling method – stainless steel pans cooling or cold air blowing over the food. Our Skipio pizza fridges are equipped with a chopping board, wide prep bench, benchtop chill pans, and under bench refrigerated shelving. Enquire about the defrost cycles, ambient temperature, fan cooling, adjustable castors, pan capacity, and temperature range.

Commercial Upright Fridges

Snowmaster offers a wide range of commercial upright fridges, like a slimline model, glassdoor display fridge, solid door workhorses, and lockable models. Our commercial upright fridges sourced from Skipio are perfect for storing food stocks or displaying drinks for sale. Before choosing your upright fridge, enquire about energy consumption, ambient temperature, clearance specs, and cleaning and maintenance. Also, look for self-closing doors, compressor types, condensation and humidity levels, shelving options, thermostat and digital displays, cooling systems, adjustable feet or castors, inner temperature range, and lighting.

Under Bench Fridges

Save space and adding extra storage space in your commercial kitchen with Skipio under bend fridge. Don’t forget to check about the door type, base, and countertop of your fridge. Choose between a display fridge/chiller or a solid-door workhorse based on your requirement. Check for lockable castors, self-closing doors, side-mounted condensers, adjustable shelving, temperature range, digital temperature controls, insulation, lockable doors, reversible doors, holding capacity and fan-assisted cooling.

Commercial ice makers

Commercial ice makers available at Snowmaster are important for serving clean, fresh, and frozen ice. This way, you can easily serve your guests chilled refreshing drinks. Our Skipio commercial ice maker machines ensure quality and durability.