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Snowmaster offers you a wide range of commercial upright freezers, including Solid door, Glass Door & Display freezers, Shop now online & Save.

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Need a commercial upright freezer for your kitchen? If you need a high-quality restaurant freezer, Snowmaster has you covered with a range of single door and 2 door models for sale. Whether you’re running a restaurant, nursing home, hospital or cafe, you need a kitchen freezer that you can rely on. At Snowmaster we have a range of commercial storage freezers from the world’s most trusted brands including Skope, Polar, Anvil, Polaris, Bromic, Thermaster, Ice Blue, Exquisite and Blizzard.

Popular Choices

One of our top-selling storage freezers is the Polaris 2 Door Upright Storage Freezer (BT-140). Measuring in at 1400 (W) x 830 (D) x 2080 (H), this upright freezer features a European compressor, EBM fan motor, a 10 amp power rating and has a capacity of 1330 litres. The Polaris boasts six shelves, adjustable legs, auto defrost and freezes at -18 degrees celsius. It has easy-use digital temperature controls and an ambient temperature of 43 degrees celsius.

Another popular choice is the Anvil 2 Door Upright Storage Freezer (UFI2140). Slightly more substantial than the Polaris, this solid door kitchen freezer measures in at 1440 (W) x 855 (D) x 2095 (H). Made in Europe, this storage freezer has self-closing doors, 60mm thick insulation and a capacity of 1432 litres. It features three shelves per door and digital controls, as well as internal rounded corners and castors for easy cleaning.

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