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Glacian is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial-grade fridges and freezers. Their equipment guarantees quality and durability. If you are looking for high-quality fridges and freezers for your food establishment in Australia, browse our range of Glacian fridges & freezers at Snowmaster.

Glacian products at Snowmaster

Under Bench Freezers

Snowmaster brings you an extensive range of under bench freezer for your commercial kitchen, restaurant, and café in Australia. A commercial under bench freezer is essential for any food establishment as you can save a lot of space, store ingredients frozen, and within reach in your kitchen. Many of these units are fitted with casters for easy mobility and come with handy features like adjustable shelving. Now you can easily store your frozen pizza, patties, funnel cakes, and ice cream, prepped sauces, meats, and other ingredients in our Glacian under bench freezer.

Under Bench Fridges

Browse Australia’s leading range of commercial under bench fridges and catering equipment for commercial kitchens, bars, hotels, and fresh food stores at Snowmaster. We offer Glacian under bench fridges range that comes in various variety like single door fridge (perfect for hotel minibars and small kitchens), glassdoor display chillers (perfect for bars and restaurants, single or multi-door), and solid door fridges (perfect for poultry, seafood, red meat, or desserts). You might be confused about how to select the best Glacian under counter fridge for your restaurant? Undercounter fridges allow you to add refrigeration to your kitchen workspace or service counter. Choose your model based on the space available in your commercial kitchen and require careful measuring to ensure minimum clearance between benches and walls.

Pizza Prep Fridges

Are you looking for a pizza prep fridge for your pizzeria, bakery or cafe? Snowmaster sells and distributes a wide range of pizza fridges, sandwich prep fridges and other quality catering equipment, Australia wide. If you own a pizzeria or sandwich bar and are looking for outstanding refrigeration equipment made from commercial grade stainless steel and quality componentry, check out our Glacian pizza prep fridges today. No matter how big (or small) your commercial kitchen, we have a pizza prep fridge for you. You can choose from countertop sandwich prep fridges (easily moved around the kitchen), freestanding pizza fridges (with benchtop, shelving, and stainless steel doors(, and glass top models (precision glass displaying fresh ingredients to your customers).

You might be confused about how to select the best Glacian pizza prep fridge for your restaurant? When choosing a pizza prep fridge, you’ll be considering two key areas – the number of different ingredients you use, and second, how many pizzas you’ll be selling during an average service period. This will help you choose the correct size for your food establishment. Pizza fridges create an efficient workflow because they incorporate a wide prep bench, chopping board, benchtop chill pans, and Underbench refrigerated shelving.