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Smart dishwashers that fit neatly under the bench or countertop in your bar or commercial kitchen. Browse the Snowmaster online store for leading brand commercial dishwashers (Washtech, Adler, Eswood, F.E.D.) or request a free onsite consultation and measuring for your next underbench dishwasher.

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Commercial dishwashers that fit under the counter

Snowmaster are Australia’s leading supplier of quality catering equipment  including a wide range of commercial underbench dishwashers. Underbench dishwashers are designed to mould seamlessly into your commercial kitchen, saving you space and creating an ergonomic workflow for the safety of your workers.

If you can’t make it to our Sydney showroom to view our extensive range of commercial dishwashers , take a look right now in our online store. And don’t forget — we deliver Australia-wide and won’t be beaten on equipment prices or freight charges.


How to choose an underbench dishwasher for your commercial kitchen

Commercial underbench dishwashers are generally smaller than pass-through and conveyor dishwashers. They are purpose-built for compact spaces, and some models don’t have sides or a top (as this space will be covered by kitchen benches and cabinetry).

When choosing any commercial dishwasher your primary consideration is output. Undercounter units keep a kitchen neat and tidy, but always make sure the unit you choose it large enough to cope with the number of dishes, plates, and cutlery you require during peak service.

Ask our sales team for help measuring your underbench spaces, and to gain an understanding of wash capacity and output, thermostats, machine noise, insulation, electronic controls, wash cycles, glasswasher/dishwasher combo units, and water consumption.


Snowmaster supply best brand commercial underbench dishwashers:  Eswood, Washtech, Adler, FED.


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Looking for a commercial dishwasher that fits seamlessly under the kitchen bench and creates a smooth (and safe) workflow? Get in touch with the sales team here at Snowmaster for expert, personalised advice. You can call us on 02 9799 9911 or email [email protected] anytime. We are online 24/7 to assist with your enquiries, prepare quotes, and arrange fast delivery of your commercial kitchen equipment  — anywhere in Australia.