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Classeq is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of top-quality commercial glasswashers. The name “Classeq” stands for simplicity, and the brand reinforces this message in its product range. The glasswashers at Classeq are engineered with simplicity in mind.

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They are easy to install, use, maintain, and clean. Established in 1977, Classeq glasswashers were built to provide the hospitality industry with a range of robust, easy to use and cost-effective glass and dishwashing equipment for professionals. Since then, the brand has produced many new products that guarantee quality and durability at affordable prices.

Commercial Glass Washers

A commercial glasswasher is important for various businesses and industries. Classeq specializes in offering efficient under-counter solutions. A glass washing machine is nothing but a kind of dishwasher that is specially designed for washing glassware. The racks and shelving inside the glasswasher are specifically designed to hold glassware of all sizes, including wine glasses, tumblers, and any other smaller items. Since the unit is often designed for industrial use, most glasswashers are designed to fit under-counter to allow storage capacity.

What Industries Use Glass Dishwashers?

Restaurants, bars and hotels are common consumers of glass dishwashers, although anywhere that has self-catering might also require to take care of its glassware. Although every food establishment has its own requirements. For example, a pub glass washer needs to fit under the bar in easy access. Whereas, a restaurant glasswasher needs to fit somewhere in the kitchen, where glassware can be washed and sent back out as quickly as possible.

How Powerful Are Commercial Glasswashers?

Classeq commercial glasswashers are designed to efficiently meet the modern challenges of today’s service industries. This is because their washers use specialized software to monitor the internal temperature, pressure and chemical balance. This is how the glasswashers are able to remove tough stains with ease.

How Quick Can Glass Dishwashers Work?

Classeq glasswashers have a cycle time of 2 minutes, ensuring you can always wash used glassware efficiently and quickly. This allows restaurants and pubs to cycle through a smaller glassware collection, while still meeting the demands of the busy hours, rather than having to stock a much larger range of supplies.

Classeq Product Range at Snowmaster

Commercial glasswashers help in cleaning large capacity of glassware for your bar, restaurant, and hospital. Our range of top-grade glasswashers are sourced from Classeq and are designed to handle glassware carefully. Having a glasswasher in your kitchen helps you keep up with the bulk orders. Snowmaster provides quality commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney for all business needs. Our range of glasswasher is suitable for all glass and cup washing applications. If you own a bar or restaurant where a huge amount of glassware is used regularly, investing in glasswasher will make your job easier and increase your productivity. Buy an under-counter glasswasher and place it beneath the bar top or counter. This way, you can supply clean glassware to your staff without the need to run to the back of the kitchen.