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One of the largest commercial kitchen and food equipment manufacturers in Australia, Goldstein Eswood offers an extensive range of uniquely designed catering products, for food establishments of all sizes. Do you own a café, specialty restaurant, hotel, food court, function centres, or cafeteria? Our range of Australian designed commercial kitchen products by Eswood is what you need for your kitchen. Snowmaster ensures that you receive products that are designed to operate with maximum energy efficiency.

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Eswood Goldstein includes commercial catering products, like commercial dishwashers, glass washers, barbeques, cooktops, Bratt pans, fryers, fan-forced ovens, salamanders, convection ovens, bake ovens, plate dispensers, hot cupboards, target tops, stockpot tables, charbroilers, wok cookers, combi steamers, automated cooking centres, pizza ovens, rethermalising ovens, pasta cookers, griddles, ranges static ovens, bain maries, teppanyaki plates banquet carts, warmer drawers, steamers, pot washers, pass through dishwashers, under counter dishwashers, and more.

Established in 1911, Eswood first began building soda fountains and ice-cream cabinets in Sydney. Over the years, the company has continued to diversify its product line and has become popular for suppling quality industrial cleaning and cooking products. The brand offers a full range of dishwasher models suitable for all type of food establishment, right from a small café to a large facility. Being one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen equipment brands, all Eswood dishwashers at Snowmaster are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Eswood Products at Snowmaster

A busy kitchen requires high-quality and reliable dishwasher that can handle whatever you throw its way. Have a look at our range of Eswood dishwasher below:

Commercial Glasswasher

Commercial glasswashers help in cleaning large capacity of glassware for your commercial kitchen. Our range of top-grade glasswashers are sourced from Eswood and are designed to handle glassware carefully. Having a glasswasher in your kitchen helps you keep up with the bulk orders. Snowmaster provides quality commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney for all business needs. Our range of glasswasher is suitable for all glass and cup washing applications. If you own a bar or restaurant where a huge amount of glassware is used regularly, investing in glasswasher will make your job easier and increase your productivity. Buy an under-counter glasswasher and place it beneath the bar top or counter. This way, you can supply clean glassware to your staff without the need to run to the back of the kitchen.

Commercial Pass-through dishwashers

Pass through dishwashers can be a great investment if you own a busy restaurant and have a huge load in your dishwasher. Also known as hood dishwashers, pass-through dishwashers have large capacities, compared to under-counter dishwashers and tabling available for entry and exit of dishwasher baskets. Pass through dishwashers make your dishwashing process fast and easier. These dishwashers generally have a much larger clearance for your dishes allowing larger utensils to be washed, as well as cutlery, glassware, and dishes. A hood type pass through dishwasher is ideal for both straight in line and corner situations – suitable for washing trays, as well as all types of plates, cups, glasses and cutlery. Save time and wash a higher quantity of items with the help of our passthrough dishwasher. Commercial hood dishwashers from Eswood are perfect for higher-demand situations, where you need to turn around used dishes in a short period. But with the help for passthrough dishwashers, you don’t have to reload the dishes manually because the entire machine assembly rotates and lifts. Speed up your processes and speedily handle large amounts of dishes with our Eswood passthrough dishwasher.