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We offer a huge variety of commercial hot plates sourced from top the Brands in Australia like Anvil, Cobra, F.E.D, Goldstein, LKK, Roband, and Waldorf. Snowmaster supply a massive range of electric & gas commercial cooking equipment and across Australia, Shop online and save.

Choosing the right commercial hot plate for your kitchen is important. A commercial hot plate allows you to cook a huge variety of food for your guests. You can choose a single burner and double burner hot plates for smaller kitchens. Larger kitchens can go for four-, six-, and up to ten burner configurations that prepare a good portion of their food on a stovetop. Both gas hot plates and electric hot plates are available on Snowmaster. Countertop gas burners are cheaper to operate because gas is more affordable. Also, they are more powerful and heat fast, and gas models tend to be more popular on our website. Commercial electric hot plates are mobile and are a practical choice for occasional use. These plates which are operated by electricity produce less ambient heat and can thus keep your kitchen cooler.