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Reheat your food or cook tasty dishes in our Commercial Microwave Ovens. Our industrial microwave oven range at Snowmaster have enough modern features that make it easy for you to choose the right type of microwave for your cafe, restaurant, or fast food joint. Browse our large range now & save with Australia wide shipping.

Snowmaster brings you commercial microwave range with styles ranging from basic models to heavy duty microwaves. You can easily cook your main menu items in our range of microwaves. Their size makes it easy for them to squeeze into nearly any available space in your restaurant, concession stand, or convenience store. We offer light duty models, which are ideal for daily and occasional use, such as for warming up prepackaged food items, and are typically less expensive. Our medium to heavy duty microwave models is best for foodservice operation that deals with high volume and requires a constant need for rapid heating and cooking of large portions of specific foods. We source our microwave range from the most trusted commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Australia, like Anvil, F.E.D, and Robatherm. Choose from great models available at our online store. Don’t forget to browse through our range of commercial ovens including commercial convection ovens, combi ovens, and countertop convection ovens.