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Looking to purchase a commercial combi oven or a combi-steam oven? Snowmaster offers a comprehensive selection of Australia's most reliable electric and gas commercial combi ovens, equipped with advanced features similar to those found in Rational combi ovens. Explore our collection of Unox ChefTop and Convotherm Combi Ovens available for purchase, all at competitive prices within the combi oven market.

What is a Combi Oven and how is it used?

It is the workhorse of the kitchen and the most reliable kitchenhand you will ever have. The unit itself is a combination of a convention oven with steamer and packed with many features and benefits. Not dissimilar to a home combi oven, these industrial ovens are utilized on a larger scale in commercial kitchens and is designed to cook any recipe combining heat, hot air and steam.

Steam rice, roast chickens or bake delicious artisan breads with guaranteed mouthwatering results every time. Commercial combi ovens can replace your existing convection oven with more flexibility in cooking. You can have the choice between an electric or gas combi oven with each having its own features and benefits.

Flexible in design, there are multiple uses and combi oven functionalities. Perform a range of cooking functions like cooking with steam, roasting, grilling, sous vide, boiling, frying, proving and baking – all in a single piece of equipment.

Combi Oven Functions and Uses

  • Roasting and low and high temperatures
  • Vacuum cooking
  • Steaming
  • Braising
  • Browning
  • Grilling
  • Sous Vide
  • Boiling
  • Frying
  • Proving
  • Baking
  • Regenerating
  • Gratinating

Combi Ovens For Sale Australia

Snowmaster proudly supplies large and small commercial combi ovens sourced from Unox and Zanussi.

Unox is a leading brand in the market that produces top-quality ovens with advanced automatic cooking features. Competitively priced in comparison to a Rational combi oven, the Unox range was made to cover any conditions needed to complete a cooking process. There are many combi oven uses, from steaming to grilling.

Featuring unique technologies, Unox ovens can automatically recognize the amount of food and auto adjust the settings. Save; less energy used compared to a traditional grill, less water consumption compared to boiling water and less oil utilized when compared to using a fryer.

We also offer the Magistar by Zanussi, a trusted brand with over 100 years of cooking expertise. Manufactured in Italy, the Magistar range was released in 2019 and features the patented Lambda sensor, which accurately measures humidity 60 times per minute. The cleaning and descaling process is effortless with the Zanussi Magistar. The cleaning cycle is equipped with automatically descaling of the boiler during the rinse cycle.

The Magistar range is one of the few brands which offers the flexibility of both injection and boiler models.

What is the difference between injection and boiler combi ovens?

The difference between and injection and boiler models is how steam within the oven is produced. With an injection model, water is injected on to the element inside the combi to generate steam. In the boiler model, water is boiled in a tank and is then released into the chamber.

Whether you buy an injection model, or a boiler depends on your requirements and budget. Injection models are more cost effective than boilers.

What is the difference between and electric combi oven and combi oven with gas?

The difference between an electric combi oven and a combi oven with gas is how the unit generates heat. Each heating type has its own features and benefits and the model you select will depend on your power supply. Whichever type of combi oven you select for your establishment, be prepared to be amazed by the range of foods you can cook in a single unit with is rapid heating features.

Combi Oven Features

  • Easy to read digital display panel
  • Flexibility with managing multiple cooking processes at once
  • Wide range of cooking functions
  • In-built water filtration system to prevent lime scale build up inside the cooking chamber
  • Pre-programmed automatic cooking recipes
  • Automatic preheating
  • Consistency with food cooked
  • Sleek design with stainless steel and glass door
  • Self-cleaning cycle to assist with cleaning
  • Replaces multiple pieces of cooking equipment

Combi Oven Sizes

Available in a number of difference sizes and models, there is sure to be a model to suit your needs. The most popular size is the combi oven 10 tray. We offer standalone ovens and benchtop combi ovens in various sizes to best suit your kitchen.

If you are after a small but mighty unit, the Unox XEVC-0311-E1RM ChefTop One Series is a commercial countertop 3 tray electric combi oven. With a 9.5″ touch control panel, this simple yet intuitive unit is equipped with 3 trays GN 1/1 and weighs 50kgs. Reaching convention cooking temperatures of 30 degrees to 260 degrees, produce crunchy bacon in 7 minutes or a full load of roast chickens in 41 minutes.

If you are needing a 10 tray, the 218732 Magistar Combi TS is a 10 x 1/1GN electric combi boiler oven, with a high-resolution full touch screen control. Offering three cooking modes (automatic, manual and recipe program), the unit will automatically recognize the quantity and size of foods. Reach dry, hot convection cycle temperatures of 25 degrees to 300 degrees.

Combi Oven Cleaning

Cleaning a combi oven is effortless with its clever design and integrated self-cleaning cycles. Easy to use with directed cleaning instructions, some models also automatically descale the boiler during the rinse cycle. Refer to each manufacturer for full cleaning instructions.

Combi Ovens and Hoods

A common question often asked – does a combi oven need to be under a hood?

The unit does need to be under a hood. As it functions as a combination steam oven, the unit will produce a high volume of heat and steam which requires extraction. Some models have the option of a separate condensation hood as an add on.

At Snowmaster we can help you find the perfect sized unit & brand for your restaurant, within your budget. Contact us for more information on any of our sales services or delivery timeframes. We deliver and commission across Sydney, Melbourne and across all major cities.

Do you have a question about the units or any other commercial cooking equipment? View our full range available online. To learn more, contact our friendly Sales Team for more information.