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Your restaurant, café or takeaway is incomplete without a commercial chip warmer. These benchtop food warmers are used to store chips & fried food, keeping them warm until ready for serving. Snowmaster brings you top quality Roband chip warmers & chip dumps at the best prices with Australia wide shipping.

Chip warmers are used in restaurants, cafes, and takeaway to maintain the temperature & crispness of hot chips once they’ve been cooked. They are often used during busy service hours to maintain the quality, heat and crispness of fried chips before being served to customers. How to make sure your French fries are always crisp and tasty? Simple, keep them in a commercial chip warmer. At Snowmaster, we have a chip warmers from reputable brands such as Anvil, FED and Roband. Our equipment is designed to keep food warm at the correct serving temperature, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of your product. If fried chips are in regular demand at your food establishment, you need a chip warmer to ensure the quality of your chips is good even during the busiest times. Snowmaster brings you everything you could need for a commercial kitchen, restaurant, café or catering business. Browse our complete range of commercial kitchen equipment today.