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Are you thinking of buying a commercial induction cooker for your restaurant, café, or any other food establishment in Australia? Snowmaster brings you a range of top-quality Anvil commercial induction cooker. With a countertop induction cooker, you can cook any type of food you need without using as much energy. Buy now.

Are you looking for products to use with a countertop induction, make sure to check out our commercial induction cooker range. If you’re wondering where to buy countertop induction cookers, Snowmaster has a large selection of countertop cookware range available at a competitive price. You can easily cook all type of dishes with a counter top commercial induction cooker. The equipment uses induction technology to produce heat directly in the bottom of the pot or pan, so there is less heat indulgence than traditional ranges, keeping your workspace cool. The smart design of the induction cookers also makes them perfect for smaller establishments or display cooking at your catered event or buffet. Snowmaster offers induction cooktops sourced from top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing brand in Australia, like Anvil. Commercial induction cookers come in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find one the one that meets your establishment’s needs. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. Shop online and save.