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The stainless-steel kitchen benches offered by Snowmaster are available from all of the top manufacturers like FED and Cobra, and come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes for you to choose from to get the job done right. Buy now!

Our extensive range of stainless-steel kitchen benches is designed to suit all food service areas. If you’re looking for workbenches a bit on the larger side, we also provide large commercial kitchen benches that are highly functional and perfect for your kitchen. Regardless of the specific requirements of your foodservice project, Snowmaster offers a wide range of high-quality stainless-steel tables which are extremely durable. Alongside our economy range of stainless steel kitchen benches, we also offer corner work benches, stainless steel bench top, deep pot sinks, single and double pot sinks, dishwasher benches and much more. Place your orders today and get speedy shipping across Australia.