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Need a new Bratt pan for your commercial kitchen? Snowmaster offers a large range of electric & gas Bratt pans for your kitchen requirements. An industrial tilting Bratt pan is essential to any kitchen aiming to provide large quantities of food. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial kitchen equipment across Australia. Shop online or visit our Sydney showroom.

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A Bratt pan is essential to any kitchen which provides large quantities of food. Many of these units are required by establishments such as hospitals or schools, but there’s also a very important place for these units in restaurants, especially if they’re trying to serve a large group of customers. Regardless of the size of your client base, Snowmaster can help fit out any kitchen with the perfect Bratt pan. Bratt usually comes from the German word ‘brat’, meaning ‘fry’. Bratt pans can indeed fry food, but even more than that, they can braise, poach and perform a vast range of other tasks, making them ideal if you’re looking to save some space. These pans are quicker to heat as compared to most ranges or cooktops, which allows them to operate more efficiently and consistently without losing temperature and energy. The best thing about Bratt pans is that they are practical, thanks to the uniformity of the cooking surface which makes them easily tilt for serving and transfer between stations.