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A Bratt pan is an essential for your kitchen. At Snowmaster we offer a large range of electric and gas commercial Bratt pans priced to suit your commercial kitchen equipment and commercial cooking needs. An industrial tilting Bratt pan is a must have for any kitchen making large volumes of food. We supply leading brands such as Blue Seal brat pans, Waldorf and Goldstein.

What is Bratt Pan and what is it used for?

A Bratt pan, otherwise known as a tilt skillet is essential to a kitchen producing large quantities of food. The definition of Bratt is derived from the German word ‘brat’, meaning ‘fry’. In the United States and in Canada, they are more commonly known as braising pans.

Used by hospitals, schools, restaurants and across the hospitality industry, the functions of bratt pan cooking includes shallow frying, deep frying, boiling steaming and braising. These pans heat up faster than ranges or cooktops which helps them to operate efficiently and consistently. They retain optimum cooking temperature with the in-built thermostat when cooking large portions of food such as soups, curries or seared steaks. It is perfect for cooking bulk quantities to cater to large group of diners.

Bratt pans can fry food, but they are quite versatile and can perform multiple functions, such as steaming poaching stewing, braising boiling, shallow frying, deep frying and boiling.

The stainless-steel cooking plate acts like an oversized nonstick frying pan with good heat retention making it ideal for stir fries or large quantities of bacon and eggs. The stainless-steel pan doubles as a large pot, suitable for boiling in. Fill the pan with water, turn it on and get it to the boil quicky, making it ideal for blanching or cooking a large volume of stew.

With features of even heat distribution, good insulation and a counterbalance lid that can be closed, a bratt pan is perfect for when you want to braise a large volume of meat. This all-in-one unit makes it easy for chefs to brown off meat at high temperatures, add liquids and reduce the heat to a gentle simmer.

The tilt skillet is essential if your establishment is catering to a large volume of customers. At Snowmaster, we can help fit out any kitchen whether it be in a hospital, school or restaurant with the perfect pan. We have 16 models to choose from and they are available in gas and electric.

Bratt Pan Models For Sale Australia

Bratt pans are available in a range of models and sizes to match your needs. These industrial heavy-duty units have many features and benefits. They are able to offer multiple styles of cooking to suit your hospital, school, or restaurant requirements.

There are 16 quality models & various brands of bratt pans for sale at Snowmaster. The units are sized from 800mm wide to 1200mm with 80 liters to 150-liters capacity. They are available in gas or electric heating with a manual or auto tilt.

Manual Tilt versus Auto Tilt

A bratt pan can feature a manual tilt or an auto tilt. The manual tilt is hand operated and you crank the lever to roll it up and down. The auto tilt is electronically operated with a control panel. Some models are available with a manual tilt mechanism with an optional electric power tilting mechanism.

The tilt whether it be auto, or manual will help with leaning the pan forward to move the cooked food to serve or store. The tilt functionality also makes cleaning easier, allowing waste to tip out of the central spout and into the waste bucket.

Part of the Blue Seal Evolution Series, the Blue Seal G580 is a manual operated 900mm gas tilting bratt pan with a 80-liter capacity. With a heavy-duty lid and hinge system, this unit is ready to help you with high volume cooking with its large cooking surface (780 mm x 450 mm and 3510 cm2). Enjoy even cooking with the 12mm thick stainless steel even heat pan base and easy clean up with the galvanized steel chassis, and fully seamless stainless-steel pan (2mm pan body), with round corners.

If you are after an electric model, the Waldorf BP8080EE is a 900mm wide electric tilting pan with 80-liter capacity. With a large capacity pouring spout and a 12mm thick stainless steel even heat pan base, cooking is made easier with 3x4kW stainless steel heating elements. Safety is a key feature with heat resistant reinforced control knobs and over temperature safety cut out.

At Snowmaster we carry models in both manual tilt and automatic tilt. Please contact us to see which model would best suit your needs.

Bratt Pan Key Features:

  • Multiple cooking functions: shallow frying, deep frying steaming, poaching, stewing, boiling and braising
  • Large volume of cooking – from 80 liters to 150-liter capacity
  • Easy tilt (manual or automatic) for serving and transferring between stations
  • Uniform cooking at high temperatures
  • Good heat retention
  • Thermostatic control allowing for temperature control
  • Over temperature safety cut-out
  • Heavy duty with adjustable stainless-steel legs
  • Large capacity pouring spout
  • Easy to view control knobs
  • Space saving – multiple cooking functions in the one unit
  • Stainless steel lid suited to be used as a workstyle bench top
  • Easy to install, clean and service

How to Clean a Bratt Pan

With its time saving design, cleaning a bratt pan is easy with its tilting head and seamless full stainless-steel pan with rounded corners. To clean, spray the unit with water and scrub with a cleaning agent. Hose it down and direct the wastewater into the collection bucket and complete a final rise. A number of models feature a plumbed-in tap making cooking and cleaning convenient.

After completing the quick clean, the pan is ready to return to service. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for full cleaning instructions.

Do you have a question about the units or any other commercial cooking equipment? Browse our full range online. To learn more, contact our friendly Sales Team for more information.