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Many professional chefs in Australia use Waldorf commercial cooking equipment in their commercial kitchen. Waldorf has many features and combinations compared to other kitchen appliances. Waldorf cooking equipment is perfect for creating a clean workspace. Snowmaster offers the best cooking equipment to you at affordable way and prices.  

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Waldorf cooking equipment offers more features and combinations. It means that your business has more choices. Consistent design and cleaner lines allow you to create a tidy kitchen space. The Waldorf specification is widely favored by the industry, permitting efficient use of space. Waldorf is available in the Waldorf 800 series. Waldorf commercial cooking equipment allows you to organize your kitchen according to your desire.

Waldorf Cooktops

Waldorf electric and gas cooktops available at Snowmaster are known for high performance and efficient usage. Gas cooktops have glass enamel pot holders with long supports so pots and pans can move from one burner to another. The heat generated is 28MJ. Both versions of the cooktop can be more flexible to use on any surface.

Waldorf Oven Ranges

Waldorf 800 series ovens available at Snowmaster offer a choice of gas and electric energy that can be tailored to the needs of a commercial kitchen. The use of gas and electricity improves the performance and quality of cooking. Both electric and gas ovens are equipped with cast iron sole plates so that heat can be distributed evenly. The heavy-duty motor and circulation fan in the oven make cooking times faster, and temperatures increase easier too.

Waldorf Griddles

At Snowmaster, there are Griddles in the widths of 600 and 900 mm. All Griddles are equipped with a weld construction with a 20 mm thick plate as standard to retain heat and distribute it maximally. Griddles are also controlled for accurate temperature settings. Available in mild steel or chrome finish for consistent performance. You can also choose layers that are smooth, striped, or a mixture of the two.


Waldorf Chargrills consist of stainless-steel burners. Cast iron can deliver maximum heat directly to the edge of the surface.


Both gas and electric salamanders are user-friendly and fit the needs of a professional kitchen. The burner has a high speed, and an element that heats up quickly uses less energy to get the job done faster. This will bring more heat onto the surface of the cooking salamander.

Waldorf Deep Fryers

Waldorf deep fryers have become the standard for fast and durable fryers. The Waldorf 800 series redesigned the fryers in the 450 or 600 mm pan versions. The gas unit is equipped with an infrared burner to produce the best cooking in the industry. Commercial deep fryers are available in mechanical or digital temperature control.

A digital temperature controller provides more precise control as well as a digital temperature and time display. Waldorf’s range of commercial deep fryers offers high speeds and much better performance. By using it, there is an increase in the amount of production and recovery time as the blower pushes for more air and gas. The exhaust temperature is lower, and the production cost is also more efficient.

Pasta Cooker

Waldorf pasta cooker provides a modular construction and has a unique wok design. In addition, it is also equipped for the production of quality and consistent pasta. The patented infrared combustion system maintains water temperature and allows the product to spin faster with faster recovery times and lower temperature settings.