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A salamander grill is very easy to use and allows you to cook at a controlled temperature. Snowmaster brings you top-quality salamander grill which provides you with a slow cook experience, typically a single ingredient per minute, enhancing the taste of your food. Browse through our range of commercial salamander grill below.

A salamander grill is a small cooking appliance which gives off the heat not from above but also from below. It is powered by electricity and gives off an even heat to cook food evenly. The main benefit of these grills is that they can remain on at a constant low temperature so that you can keep dishes warm for a while after preparation. These units are super easy to use. You can control the temperature while cooking your food. You can also adjust the height of the salamander grill based on your counter setting. Snowmaster brings you a wide range of Brands sourced from top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers like Anvil, Cobra, F.E.D, Goldstein, Roband, and Waldorf. Choose between a closed grill and an open sides model. The closed version is ideal for retaining heat and is more economical. An open sides salamander is ideal when you are using the equipment for grilling. Shop the best unit according to your establishment need. See more commercial cooking equipment