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Our Ambient Displays at Snowmaster put your food front, in the display where it belongs. Whether you’re looking for a glass countertop ambient display case or a freestanding Sayl ambient display cabinet, we have a number of options that can display your biscuits, muffins, and cake while keeping them fresh and at a safe temperature.

Snowmaster offers high-quality ambient displays from some of the biggest names in ambient displays, such as Sayl, which is an industry leader in food display cases. Our extensive variety of ambient displays makes sure to find the exact size and shape to suit your establishment’s specifications. The best thing about our food display range is that they have an energy-saving feature to limit the consumption of energy. All the parts are removable including the trays and counters, so it is easy to clean and re-install. Your kitchen staff can just wipe the curved glass and make it look clean. The best thing about our ambient display machine is that you can store the food all day and expect no spoilage. Milk-based products are safe to store your food for days so it’s totally a great investment. You can save electricity, energy and money.