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Established in 2021, SAYL is a Barcelona based brand serving culinary solutions across 75 countries. The company is known for its display cases that ensure quality and durability and adds an element of visual beauty to any food establishment. To make your pre-made products taste good, you need to preserve them in temperature control and well-lit cases. The display cases manufactured by SAYL help food businesses easily capture the attention of their customers.

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Snowmaster offers a wide range of display fridges in Australia available at the best prices. Our products guarantee quality and durability. Have a look at our range of SAYL equipment below:

Ambient Displays

We believe that your food establishment and food deserve to be shown off. Hence, we make sure you invest in the best ambient display units. When you display your food in front of your customers, you are likely to get more sales. At Snowmaster, we offer a fixed ambient displays unit and a freestanding ambient display cabinet. We have a number of options that can display your food items while keeping them fresh and at a safe temperature. Snowmaster offers high-quality ambient displays from some of the biggest names in ambient displays, such as SAYL, an industry leader in food display cases.

If you are struggling to find the perfect size, shape, and features for an ambient display unit for the establishment, connect with our experts today, and they will guide you with the buying process. The best thing about our SAYL food display range is that they have an energy-saving feature to reduce energy consumption. You can easily remove the trays and counter for efficient cleaning and re-install them without any hassle. All the parts are removable, including the trays and counters, so it is easy to clean and re-install. The curved glass is easy to wipe clean. The best thing about our ambient display machine is that your food is safe in it even after all day of storage. Investing in an ambient display unit will help you save electricity, energy and money.

Sushi Display Fridges

If you own a Japanese cuisine restaurant and are planning to buy a Sushi Display Fridge, you are at the right place. Snowmaster offers you a collection of top-grade sushi display fridges sourced from one of the leading commercial refrigeration solution providers in Australia – SAYL. Now store your sushi and sashimi rolls at controlled temperatures.

Our sushi display fridge is specially designed to keep your creations at safe holding temperatures, ensuring your customers always get the best-tasting and freshest sushi. The equipment is built with stainless steel and strong, tempered glass constructions. These units are attractive additions that allow customers to easily go through your sushi range. Choose from a large sushi case to the tiniest Japanese sushi display or angled and curved glass display fronts from your restaurant and sushi bar.