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Need a Heavy-duty Utensil or Commercial Pot Washer machine for your kitchen or catering operation. Browse the Snowmaster online showroom for leading brand Meiko, Hobart utensils, pan and pot washers, as well as our complete range of premium ware washing equipment.

Utensil and Commercial Pot Dishwashers

The peak service period in any commercial kitchen is stressful, and a heavy-duty pot washer for dirty utensils, GN trays, pots, and pans will help ease the burden. Here at Snowmaster, we supply a wide range of pot and utensil dishwashers at Australia’s best prices.

Browse our online store for:

  • Slimline designs — food grade stainless steel, high performance, pass-through pot washers.
  • Wide body models — maximum capacity, low hot water consumption, dual wash systems.

REMEMBER: Snowmaster is Australia’s leading supplier of commercial ware washing equipment, we will not be beaten on equipment prices or freight charges. Send us your written quote and we guarantee to match the price. Every time.

Choosing a commercial dishwasher for your pots and utensils

Pot washers are sized to take large baking trays, pots, pans, and utensils — plus they have significantly more power and pressure than regular dishwashers  They can easily deal with baked-on food residue and stains, then leave your food preparation equipment correctly sanitized and ready for use.

Your primary considerations when choosing this type of commercial dishwasher are:

  • The shape, size, and amount of pots and utensils you need to wash.
  • Available space in your commercial kitchen.
  • How quickly do you need the dishes washed, dried, and back in circulation?

When shopping for a pot washer ask our expert sales team about maximum dish size and output capacity, self-cleaning cycles, water pressure, insulation, backflow prevention, machine noise, hybrid controls, water consumption, and electricity usage.

Snowmaster supplies the world’s best brand utensils and pot washers: Eswood, Washtech

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