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A commercial Sous Vide offers a cooking system with a high level of control, efficiency, and accuracy. They’re perfect for commercial kitchens including restaurants and cafes those need to prepare food ahead of an event. If you're thinking where to buy high-quality sous vide immersion circulators, browse our selection of sous vides immersion circulators for sale at the lowest prices.

Cook juicy, perfectly-cooked steaks, with help of Sous Vide. Cook and store foods at a controlled temperature by using sous vide in your commercial kitchen. Our sous vide Brands at Snowmaster cook by heating and circulating water, which is the most efficient way to transfer the heat to the food. Your food will be complete sealed inside vacuum packaging bags, and this will allow you to walk away from the unit and focus on other tasks in the kitchen while still achieving the ideal texture, taste, and tenderness of your vegetables, meats, and seafood. When you enclose the ingredients in the bag, their flavours come out more intensely than in normal cooking, making this equipment ideal chefs wanting to try new recipes and flavour combinations on their menus. Check out our range of cooking equipment online and save. Snowmaster is Australia’s leading supplier of commercial catering equipment.