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A Boiling plate is used for boiling, heating, or frying. At Snowmaster, we bring you the Roband boiling hot plate which allows you to boil, simmer or fry in any location. The commercial boiling plate is versatile and totally portable. Whether you are a takeaway outlet, café, or a restaurant, The Roband boiling plate is the perfect solution for your cooking needs.

Snowmaster brings you high-quality Roband boiling plate which you can use for boiling, heating, or frying. Now you can easily boil, simmer or fry anywhere in your commercial kitchen. Our Roband boiling plate measures 190mm in width and is ideal for all needs. The equipment is totally portable, and have the power and versatility to simmer, boil or fry. You can easily install it in your restaurant or café kitchen since it takes very little space. Our commercial kitchen products are sourced from trusted and renown commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Australia. Our boiling plate features six heat settings per plate, high-speed recovery, sealed cast iron hot plates, and stainless-steel construction. Snowmaster supply and deliver a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. We also offer commercial ovens, cooktops, pizza conveyors, deep fryers, griddles and stoves, so that you can cook your food easily, and safely. Shop online to view our extensive boiling plates range.