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Are you looking for commercial freezer drawers for your restaurant in Australia? Snowmaster brings you Skipio commercial freezer drawers which are designed to freeze your ice cream or frozen food and perfectly promote them in a very limited space. Shop online & save, Daily deliveries to Sydney metro, Parramatta, Penrith & Liverpool area's.

Installing commercial freezer drawers in your kitchen is a great way to increase your cold storage space. Their compact size makes it easy to adjust them into your existing layout. Snowmaster brings you carries both single and double-drawer refrigerators. Most double-drawer units usually split the two drawers into fresh and frozen sections, much like a standard refrigerator. However, we offer under counter freezer drawers and under counter fridge drawers sourced from Skipio, designed for those who only need fresh or frozen storage. Explore our collection of commercial freezers and buy according to your restaurant need. With commercial freezer drawers, you can easily store your food. Choose the best model that matches your needs and style. Most commercial freezer drawers include LED lighting to brightly illuminate their interiors while keeping energy costs low. You can also choose a model with an automatic ice maker and you’ll always have a steady supply on hand.