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Looking for the best Pass Through Dishwasher for your Commercial Kitchen? For more than 75 years Snowmaster has been supplying Restaurants, Cafes & Hotels with the world’s finest Upright dishwashers. Shop online or visit our Sydney showroom for Eswood, Washtech & Adler Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers. Browse today & save.

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Need a Pass Through Dishwasher?

If you need a Pass Through Dishwasher for your busy commercial kitchen, bar, or nightclub you are in the right place. Snowmaster is Australia’s leading supplier of high-end catering equipment and offers the biggest range of Pass Through Dishwashers in the country. At the best prices, guaranteed.

A Pass Through Dishwasher stands at bench height and has a pull-down hood which fits neatly over the dishes. Dirty plates, cups, cutlery, and glassware are loaded in from one side, and ‘passed through’ the wash cycle to a stainless steel outlet bench.

Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers can handle large volumes of dishes and their ergonomic design make them a great choice for minimising manual handling risk. You can browse our full range of commercial dishwashers right here online, or visit our Sydney showroom (Monday-Friday, Saturdays by appointment).

Choosing a pass through dishwasher for your commercial kitchen

Choosing a Pass Through Dishwasher is often a decision between an Underbench unit (which are best for small kitchens and bars) and a pass-through (which are better for high volume commercial kitchens). Your decision will rest on the following factors:

  • Output — how many plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery items will need to wash during peak service?
  • Benches — have you factored in the space (and acquisition) of dishwashing inlet and outlet benches?
  • Height — does your commercial kitchen have enough room for the pull-down hood?
  • Utilities — will you be able to connect your dishwasher to water mains and a suitable power source?

If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask our sales team any of these question as well as information about: output and dish capacity, hybrid controls, water consumption, wash cycles, electricity usage, machine noise.

Snowmaster supply leading brand pass through dishwashers for your commercial kitchen:  Eswood, Washtech, Adler, FED.

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Like more information about installing a Pass Through Dishwasher? Can’t decide between a pass-through or Underbench unit? Need additional commercial kitchen equipment? Get in touch today with the sales team here at Snowmaster, we are here online 24/7 to answer your queries and prepare detailed quotes. Call us 02 9799 9911 or email [email protected] right now. We are waiting for your call.