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A Planetary mixer or commercial mixer is essential for restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafes, and bakeries to mix ingredients smoothly, evenly and quickly. Easily mix your bread, cake batter, or mashed potatoes with the help of our quality commercial mixers. Snowmaster supplies a wide range of commercial planetary mixers across Australia. We invite you to shop online with us and save.

What is a Planetary Mixer and what is used for?

Snowmaster brings you a range of top-quality commercial food preparation equipment such as industrial planetary mixers.

A planetary mixer is a versatile free standing food mixer used for mixing, beating and kneading a large volume of ingredients. Its namesake is based on the way the mixer blades rotate around a central point. The mixers are built with an offset shaft that revolves within the mixer bowl while the bowl itself remains stationary. Reaching flour, sugar, and butter in all areas of the bowl, no unmixed ingredients are left behind.

Planetary mixers are available in different sizes from bench top to free standing models. They are available with mixing bowls in different volumes and liters.

There are many uses for planetary mixers and is more than just a cake mixer. Make the most of this machine and use it also for mashing potatoes or mixing eggs.

Uses of Planetary Mixers:

  • Mix cake batter – hot or cold
  • Whip cream or eggs
  • Emulsify sauces
  • Mash potatoes
  • Efficiently mix pizza dough
  • Knead heavy bread doughs
  • Knead fondant icing
  • Knead fresh pasta and basic egg noodle dough

The mixers are designed with multiple speed settings. This allows you to mix a variety of ingredients at a click of a button. Select from light, medium, or heavy-duty applications depending on your workload and how frequently you will use it. Most mixers come equipped with attachments including a beater, whisk and dough hook.

Mixer Models For Sale Australia

At Snowmaster, we offer the best commercial planetary mixers for sale. Whether you are after a bench top small planetary mixer or a larger industrial mixer, we have a range to suit. We offer alternatives to Apuro, Atlas, Hobart and Paramount.

Choose from the top brands for your commercial planetary mixer including Anvil, FED, Grange, Hamilton Beach, Mecnosud, and Robot Coupe. We sell mixers starting at a 7-liter capacity up to an 80-liter capacity, from bench top to floor standing.

The Grange GRPB7 is a good entry level commercial grade bench top mixer. With a strong 325-watt motor, it is equipped with a safety cut out switch. The 7-liter bowl can hold up to 2 kilos of dry ingredients or 5 liters of wet ingredients. It comes with three attachments; dough hook, whisk and beater.

The Anvil PMA1040 40 Quart can efficiently mix up to 13kg of mashed potatoes with its powerful 1.5HP air cooled motor. Designed specifically for small commercial mixing, consistent mixing speeds are maintained regardless of the volume in the bowl. This is due to the direct drive transmission system.

If you are after a unit for larger volumes, then look no further than the Robot Coupe SPB-80HI. Made in France, Robot Coupe are known for their innovative, reliable and durable technology.

The SPB-80HI is a heavy-duty, top of the range floor standing mixer. It can mix up to 28.4 liters of hot cake batter and up to 40 kilos of pizza dough. With 4 speeds; 69/121/204/356 rpm, there are front mounted controls and an optional bowl trolley for ease of use. This unit is durable, reliable, fast, powerful, safe and quiet.

Planetary Mixer Key Features

  • Multiple uses for various ingredients and consistency
  • Power motors with multi speeds
  • Stainless steel bowl for easy clean up
  • Robust design for industrial use
  • Ease of swapping between speeds
  • Safety switch cut off
  • Removable safety guard
  • Various sizes and models available to suit your needs

How to clean and maintain a Planetary Mixer

Keeping your mixer well maintained and clean will save you time and money, maximizing the lifespan of the unit. Clean your mixer bowl using a food safe chemical, such as dishwashing detergent. After each use, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Minimize the buildup of the flour in the small crevices as the buildup of flour can impact lubrication and affect performance.

Always check the manufactures guide for full cleaning and lubrication instructions.

What to consider when buying a mixer?

An essential for any chef or baker, there are many factors to consider when buying a mixer:

  • The size and space you have available in your kitchen
  • Your budget
  • The volume of food mixed
  • The type of ingredients
  • What features and functions you require

If your commercial kitchen produces large amounts of dough daily, then a spiral mixer may better suit your needs.

Do you have a question about which mixer will best suit your kitchen? If you are looking for a mixer in Australia, save time and give our knowledgeable team a call.

We also have available a wide of food prep equipment for your commercial kitchen. These include commercial mixers, forked mixers, meat slicerspizza dough roller, and more. Give us call or browse our full range online. We ship all across Australia, nationwide.