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Are you looking for the best spiral mixer or commercial dough mixer? Snowmaster brings you top quality spiral mixers which will help you prepare bread dough, dinner rolls, pizza dough, and other bread-based items more quickly and efficiently. Snowmaster supply a massive range of spiral dough mixers & bakery equipment with Australia wide shipping.

Spiral mixers are popular for the rotational movement of its spiral hooks with a rotating bowl. This makes the equipment an ideal choice for creating a perfect dough. You can easily prepare loaves of bread, dinner rolls, pizza crusts, and other bread-based items more quickly and efficiently with our range of spiral mixers at Snowmaster. You can choose from standard and heavy-duty models, depending on how often you need to use your spiral; dough mixer. A spiral mixer is an ideal unit for your bakery, pizzeria, or another foodservice establishment that produces large amounts of dough on a daily basis. Almost every spiral mixer comes with two speed options that enable bakers to properly mix the dough. You can use the lower speed to mix all ingredients into a ball, and the higher speed to develop dough’s proper gluten structure. Don’t forget to check out our range of forked mixers. Snowmaster supply and deliver a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. We also offer commercial mixers, meat mincers, and deep fryers, griddles and stoves, so that you can cook your food easily, and safely.