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A commercial stick blender is used to make a variety of food in the kitchen much more efficient. Use a mixing stick to quickly chop soft produce, whip cream, churn butter, mix batters, and puree soups. Choose from our range of handheld mixers with different stick lengths to use in your deep pots or shallow bowls. Buy now from Snowmaster.

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Commercial stick blenders at Snowmaster are used to cook various kinds of food like whipping cream, churning butter, mixing the batter, and more. Make the cooking task easy for your staff by investing in these magic wands. Our range of commercial handheld blenders are extremely powerful, yet lightweight for easy to handle. By outfitting your kitchen with a commercial stick blender, you’ll be able to complete blending tasks more quickly than if you used a hand mixer or beater. We offer standard- and light-duty units, both of which come with different speed settings, so you can find the best immersion blender for your thin sauces or thick mashed potatoes. Additionally, you can invest in cordless commercial handheld mixers that don’t require chefs to stay in one location. Check out our other commercial kitchen equipment sourced from top manufacturers in Australia: commercial food processors, planetary mixers & spiral mixers.