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Are you looking for warewashers for your restaurant and cafeteria in Australia? We offer top-quality Washtech warewashers which are powerful, highly durable, and easy to use. You can even adjust the washing time and wash your dishes accordingly. Snowmaster supply a massive range of ware washing equipment across Australia. Shop online and save.

One of the most important food service functions that creates a strong customer image is the visible cleanliness of dishes, glassware and silverware. If you run a restaurant, you might know that the proper design, operation and maintenance of your dish washing or ware washing capability is essential to the financial performance of commercial establishments. Washtech warewashers available at Snowmaster are built to improve the efficiency of operations washing heavy items and are used at bakeries, production kitchens, supermarkets, and, hospitals. With highly efficient water consumption rates, Washtech warewashers are considered as environment-friendly and sustainable and has fewer operating costs. Our models are powerful, highly durable, simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain. Check out our complete range of industrial dishwashers.