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Commercial Ice Cream Makers

Need a commercial ice cream maker? Snowmaster has a massage range of gelato and ice cream machines for sale. Simple to operate and with high output, an ice cream machine is an indispensable item for gelato, sorbet or ice-cream making. We stock commercial ice cream machines from top brands such as Anvil, Musso, Robot Coupe and Polar.

Popular Choices

One top seller in our range of commercial ice-cream makers is the Anvil Ice Cream Machine (IMM0003R). Measuring in at 420 (W) x 450 (D) x 850 (H), this Italian made ice cream machine stirs at 76 rpm. It makes 2.5 litres of ice cream per batch and can produce up to 8kg of gelato, sorbet or ice cream per hour.

Another popular choice is the Anvil Ice Cream Machine (MM0001), smaller than the MM0003R, this model measures in at 270 (W) x 450 (D) x 300 (H), this Italian made machine has a stirring speed of 56 rpm, makes 0.7 litres of ice cream, gelato or sorbet per batch and can produce up to 2kg per hour.

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