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Looking to Purchase a Commercial Deep Fryer? Snowmaster boasts the most extensive selection of Electric and Gas commercial deep fryers available in Australia. Whether you require a single-tank commercial fryer or a twin-tank deep fryer commercial with individual temperature controls, we have the ideal solution for achieving impeccable fried cuisine.

Commercial Deep Fryers? A deep fat fryer is usually a heavy-duty, free-standing floor fryer that consists of a single pan, double pan, dual pan or triple pan. They can be powered by natural gas, LPG propane or 3 phase electric.

Commercial Fryers are either fully automatic with inbuilt filter systems for ease of cleaning and longer oil life, or manually hand operated baskets.

Commercial Fryers are most likely found in restaurants, cafes, hotels & takeaways. Therefore The number of pans or vats usually depends on the size of the commercial cooking equipment and output required. Each pan can hold up to 25 Litres of cooking oil.

Deep Fryer Design

Pan or vat design is dependent on types of food to be cooked. Extra-large flat bottomed fryers for fish or chicken, V-shape fryers for quick recovery restaurant use. Tube fryers are best for large volumes of chips or fries.

Single baskets or double baskets are supplied with most commercial fryers. Fryers can also be used without baskets when deep frying large portions of food such as battered or crumbed seafood.

There are positives and negatives to both gas and electric commercial deep fryers, whether small or large. Running costs are similar, regardless of the initial commercial deep fryer price, whether one purchases the cheapest or the more expensive brands.

Running costs are related to Power usage MJ and Kilowatts per Litres of oil. 20 Litres of oil in a deep fryer with 90 MJ of power, will be slower to recover than a deep fryer with 20 litres and 120 MJ of power. However, the later will cost more to run.

Pros and Cons – Commercial Deep Fryers Gas vs Electric

Gas Deep Fryers – Pros

1/ Cheaper to Run & energy efficient

2/ Lower upfront costs

3/ Gas Repairs usually quick and easy

4/ Parts are easy to source for gas appliances

Gas Deep Fryers – Cons

1/ Hard to Clean

2/ Hard to repair if fry pan cracks

3/ Oil life is short compared to an air fryer

4/ Hard to operate if the pilot won’t light

Electric Deep Fryers – Pros

1/ Easy to clean, elements usually tilt back

2/ Oil life is longer

3/ Easier to operate

4/ Quicker heat recovery

Electric Deep Fryers – Cons

1/ Expensive to purchase

2/ Expensive to run, most units are 3 phase

3/ Electric appliances are expensive to Repair

4/ Wait time on elements if they need replacing


Snowmaster has been supplying Commercial Deep Fryers & Industrial Fryers to the restaurant & hospitality industry for over 75 years.

Buy online or & talk to one of our expert salesmen.

We have for sale the best local Australian Made Brands such as Goldstein & Roband as well as imported brands such as Pitco, Frymaster & waldorf.

Shipping to all major cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane & Newcastle, at competitive rates.