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Australian Made Electric Fryers & Hotplate / Grill

The Austheat range of freestanding electric deep fryers and griddle hotplates are designed and made in Australia by Roband. Their robust construction will give you years of trouble-free service in the production of high quality fried and grilled foods.

Why Electric vs Gas?

Electric fryers contribute to a cleaner, healthier workplace; by not burning the available oxygen or emitting burnt and unburned gases into your kitchen. Furthermore, they maintain a cooler, more pleasant work environment as they generally add less heat to your kitchen than gas fryers.

The benefits of electric fryers are significant:

  • Longevity; electric emersion elements tend to greatly outlast gas burners and their replacement cost is considerably lower. Tank deterioration which is so prevalent in gas fryers is negligible in electric fryers.
  • Energy-efficient operation; in electric fryers, the majority of the energy from electricity is supplied directly into the elements, which are immersed in the oil, providing an energy-efficient solution with quick recovery time when loading food into the fryer. In gas fryers, much of the energy is ultimately lost in the flue.
  • High performance; up to 55kg production per hour of fried food.
  • Easy to clean; elements swing out and up in seconds, providing access to a smooth, open, square tank for easy cleaning.
  • Dual control thermostats; for efficiency and peace of mind.
  • Safety thermostats.
  • A cool zone; prevents the burning of crumbs so that the oil is not tainted by a burnt flavour, prolonging the life of the oil.

The electric Austheat hotplate griller is ideal for busy fast food outlets where high-speed grilling and toasting is required. It’s ideal as a stand-alone machine, or alongside any of the Austheat deep fryers, making them the perfect combination in any kitchen.